[Grow Your Soul] On Enduring the Beams of Love

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With thanks this morning to Anne Lamott’s reference to this Blake quote I so treasure on a rerun of Super Soul Sunday with Oprah this morning, I share these thoughts from my heart this morning. {See excerpts from Oprah’s interview with Anne Lamott here}

My SEEDS question (or quest-ion as I like to call them) for you today:

How are you enduring the beams of love today?

I took the photo below on a day when I was spent, so split wide open by love and pain and the whole crazy mess of this life that, once again, I had no words. I had finally found room to breathe in my life and now I felt it slipsliding away. I was going to have to give it all up. Or perhaps it was being snatched from me. I knew nothing to do but walk, walk, walk in the way and bear my soul for the day.

That’s when God sent the beam of light and added the little lens flare or green angel orb, depending on your perspective and choice, at the top left. For good measure, the heavens threw in a mysterious, fierce looking creature in motion just below the green flare rushing into the blanketed blue. I took the picture and stared into the sky, still wordless but in a whole new experience of being that.

Endure the Beams of Love



I got it in that moment. The only thing “to do” was simply to endure the beam of love showering down upon me.

Today the timing was perfect to be reminded of the terrible, beautiful grace of this world we spin with for a time. It’s been hard to endure what seems like pure pain dished out by this world and its inhabitants and equally hard to breathe beneath the starry skies that have held me through many recent sleepless nights.

There is love. There is love. There is love.

IMG_9127Sometimes it’s a mantra I repeat to myself, unbelieving. Other times, it is a prayer that flows forth as a river of miracles from a heart that can no longer be anything other than what it was created for: LOVE.

Still, I have no idea what I am doing, and undoubtedly fail miserably as I lean into surrendering to my soul that shows up to lead me fully into LIFE, so that I might Live In Full Expression and, if the stars align and I can stop myself from blocking their blessed light, have some small part in sparking a revolution of love and only love.

The skies will tell you the truth.
Your heart will tell you the truth.
Today is a day for the revelation of the mystery of God.
Begin within and find your way to

a New Way of Seeing Yourself
a New Way of Being Yourself
a New Way of Freeing Yourself

Release all that would keep you from this mystery.
Welcome all that is here for you.

There is love. There is love. There is love.
Here is love. Here is love. Here is love.

May you know the love you are. May you feel the love that is here for you. May you accept the invitation to the marvelous dance of your life and endure the beams of love poured out upon your life.

Love and grace,
Dawn Richerson, Soul Explorer + Journey Guide, www.DawnRicherson.com



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