[Share Your Gifts] A Map to Connect to Your Authentic Soul Gifts

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What if you could activate the authentic expression of your creative offerings with
a one-of-a-kind visual map that offered a unique capture of Your Essential Self
and your soul gifts?

What if this simple map could unlock new possibilities for your life and business
and naturally and intuitively connect you to all that matters most?

Tim Richerson SEEDS MAPSample SEEDS MAPSEEDS MAP Creation Studio






A SESEEDS: Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the SelfEDS MAP captures your core essence and helps you tap the energy of your own “fine gifts of original design” and show up with power and authenticity. It’s a natural way to find your forward flow and open up pathways to greater purpose in life and business.

When I create a SEEDS MAP, I draw on my creativity and intuition, using my own natural gifts of seeing the heart of the matter and the heart of a person to create you unique SEEDS MAP.

S.E.E.D.S. = Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self

The SEEDS Questions I ask to create your map activate the energy of radiant expansion from within as you connect with your core gifts.

When you receive your SEEDS MAP, you may be surprised at the feeling and flow captured in words, colors, shape, and line. All of this works together to allow you to bring forward your soul’s deepest longings.

M.A.P. = Momentum Action Pathways

Your SEEDS MAP provides multiple points of connection to help you gain momentum and traction in your business by reconnect you to the most authentic expression of your soul’s gifts and all that matters most!

Many people are surprised to immediately recognize new connections reflected in their maps and use their SEEDS MAPs as a touchstone for soul growth and authentic creative expression.

SEEDS MAPSEEDS MAP SEEDS MAP Sample I’ve been creating vision maps for more than a decade now for private clients and have only recently offered them to anyone, whether you are a 1-to-1 client or not. I have to say, I have been astounded at the deep ways these maps, which I so lovingly create, connect for people. This has been particularly true for visionary business owners.

3 Ways Business Owners Have Experienced Radiant Expansion after Receiving a SEEDS MAP

  1. Greater focus and clarity about the soul gifts that really matter. Your MAP will
    capture the legacy you want to leave and your greatest wish for the world.
  2. Alignment with the particular quality or energy they most want to activate and
    bring forward in their business right now.
  3. Increased flow and a more natural connection to their truest, deepest offerings,
    those that only they can share.

SEEDS MAP Sample from Dawn Richerson

Read more about what people experience
and learn how to get your own original SEEDS MAP here.

My own experience has been that these SEEDS MAPs help me to cultivate from my core and bring forward the work I’m really here to do. A perfect example is my own choice to freely share all my own MAPs for life and business and begin to offer these customized maps to help more visionary business owners experience the kind of radiant expansion that really changes things.





I am now using my highest gifts of seeing the heart of things and combining my creativity and intuition, then weaving that with my coaching and visioning skills to offer my own “fine gifts of original design”.

Let me know if I can share with you!

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Capture Your Soul's "Fine Gifts of Original Design" with a SEEDS MAP from Dawn




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Dawn Richerson is a soul explorer and journey guide who offers experiences for your soul's radiant expansion. Dawn is the long-time CEO of Creative Revolutions Inc., the author of books on spirituality, healing, and wholeness, and a visionary artist who enjoys creating Soul Essence Maps to connect you to your essential gifts.

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