[Soul Share] You Are the Pearl: Remembering Robin Williams and Cultivating the Whole of Who We Are

Three days ago this world lost a pearl, a shining light. 

As I walked into the Dublin airport, I saw his face on the screen and smiled as I always do. Until I realized the people gathered around the television at midnight were not smiling. And the I heard the words that he was gone. 

As we are remembering Robin Williams, let’s shine a light on all that would keep us from our light.

The world can seem like an oyster to any of us on any given day. It’s easy to believe we are nothing more than another grain of sand, an irritant, unwelcome and insignificant.

Some days it’s hard to see past the monotony of being in a world that seems too small and remember we are more than what we thought we were. Sometimes it’s just hard to hold on, to live up to the light that blinds us or stave off the sudden dark. 

(See Peter Coyote’s description and thoughts on remembering Robin Williams here.)

What if we could re-member this world and these bodies are our temporary home? We are pearls of inestimable value held in a delicate balance. While platitudes and accolades will never be enough, there is a balm for those who bear the weight of the crush at both ends of the poles when we are met with love between the poles.

LIFE MAP #16 - Know You Are Loved, Beyond MeasureWe are not only loved.
We are love.

This is what each of us might come to understand. Pass it on. See the love reflected in another. You will find it there in the most unlikely of places, and it will astound you. 

It might be enough for someone somewhere to feel the love between the poles, to see themselves reflected in your eyes, shining with the truth that you and they and all of us are pearls to one another.

Should you be reading this and feel, as I and so many of us have, that you have nothing of value or feel separate from the world and the love you have so longed for here, know this:


You are all in all. You are all. All is well. You are well. See yourself as so,
as having been and as becoming still.

You are life, and life is you. Not just in you. Not just around you. You are not
separate from all that is. All that is exists within you. And you bring it to its
fullest expression. We can never fully capture all of who we are, for we quickly
expand beyond the confining limits of mere definition. This is because we are a
creative force. We are creators.

You cannot be reduced to the sum total of your experience. You are not the
product of your past and present circumstance. You exist outside the equation of
the future that you or others have predicted or envisioned for you.

~ “All in All” from Awakening the World Within


With gratitude for the conversation that has opened in the midst of the pain of losing you and a healing balm to the family and friends of Robin Williams, one of a kind, a miracle just like each and every one of us.

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Awakening the World Within: Cultivating Essence Book 1P.S. You can purchase Awakening the World Within here. Enjoy, and know you are never ever ever alone. We are in this together, and you are beautiful. I see the love you are, and I trust you will help me see the love I am.

Until we meet again, Nano Nano, and Carpe Diem. I will miss you, Robin. Thank you for the way you lived.







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