[Art for the Soul] Using Soul Essence Art Exploration to Tap Your SEEDS Story

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Sometimes the deep inner work that will help move us to deeper self-awareness and compassion for our lives can’t be expressed in words.

I often turn to process-oriented art approaches, including the Soul Essence Art Exploration techniques I developed for myself to lead me into a richer exploration of my interior world.

Soul essence art exploration is . . .Soul Essence Art Miniatures

  • A SEEDS Practice that provides a tool for self-discovery and soul recovery and restoration

  • A creative process for exploring the territory of the soul and coming center

  • Rooted in an inside-out approach

  • An intuitive re-connection to Your Essential Self

  • An opportunity to tap a new way of seeing, being, and freeing ourselves

  • A portal or opening to more of truth of who you are in this moment

I am particularly fond of the Soul Essence Miniature (SEA Minis for short). Using a small, square canvas I explore a particular layer of my soul self and my whole self. Coming to the process with an open curiosity, I begin to ask deeper and deeper questions, intuitively choosing color and the strokes I apply on the page.

I work quickly, using acrylic or oil paints. Sometimes I do these as watercolor or pencil sketches, too, using a mix of my Soul Essence Art Doodling and process painting techniques. The key is to get your mind out of the way and allow for full expression from your soul.

I am often quite surprised when I complete my painting to discover in the following days hidden messages waiting for me. For example, when I painted the star image against the deep sky with a swirling flower shape coming out of it, I initially thought, “Oh, what nice colors.” Then, one day about a week later I was walking by the shelf where I had placed the Soul Essence Mini when I stopped in my tracks.

I had tears in my eyes before the thoughts had fully formed as I realized what this flower form represented for me. It was a significant next step on my spiritual journey that had to do with opening up along a certain line of my soul’s knowing. WOW!

Would you like to try a Soul Essence Mini?

If you’d like to schedule a workshop featuring inner exploration and the creation of your own, unique Soul Essence Miniature, let’s talk. Just e-mail me here, and we’ll set up a time. I’ll also be putting together a fun virtual workshop on this topic and will post the link here when that becomes available.

Dawn Richerson, Soul Explorer + Journey Guide, www.DawnRicherson.com


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