[Grow Your Soul] Nature as a Pathway to Soul Connection

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Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me. The gifts of nature are plentiful.

You don’t have to go very far. Wonders await right outside your front or back door. Today, the patterns of a pinecone, my backyard altar, and my circle of trees were sources of inspiration.

In today’s video, I share with you the amazing design I found on a tree one morning. She calls me back to the wisdom within.





Today’s Daily SEEDS Practice: For Your Soul’s Radiant Expansion

Nature's Harmony: Photography by Dawn RichersonThis photograph at left is from a recent nature walk. It reminds me that I am grounded and growing, firmly planted in the soil of my soul and ever becoming more of who I am. Our natural state is one of growth that is aligned with our whole self and our soul self. Let that be your mantra today:

I am grounded and growing

Today, consider how you might nurture and nourish those sacred seeds of essence planted within you and connect to the call of your soul as you immerse yourself in nature. A simple place to start:

Take a walk close to home
and look for reminders of who you are
found in the beauty of nature.

“Grounded and Growing: Nature’s Harmony” is available in a variety of formats and sizes to inspire you as you connect ever more deeply to Your Essential Self, Your Essential Journey, and Your Essential Truth.

Today’s SEEDS Quest-ions: Leave a Comment Below to Share

Where do you see points of connection and reminders in nature
of your soul’s natural gifts and natural growth?

What are your favorite ways to connect to your whole self
and your soul self through the beauty of nature?

What places and aspects of nature most inspire you?


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8 Responses

  1. Dawn! I am so excited by your video because I go out into my backyard and look for beautiful magic as well. In fact, my favorite tree is called “Grandfather Tree” because it is so tall. And, don’t you know it is a Loblolly Pine! Many times, I’ve sat near Grandfather Tree and found wonderful images through scrying. Trees do talk — sometimes through the wind, sometimes through images. So wonderful to know we share this practice. 🙂

  2. Patterns and connections, you say? Just back from my nature break (on the beach). Thanks for a lovely post.

  3. Dawn, we’re kindred spirits! I love this video because I do all of these things, too, and my current telesummit, weekly blog, and ecourse deal with these topics! Great work.

  4. Dawn,
    I LOVE to be in nature to just SOAK up the beauty that is life. Great stuff you have on this website/blog and your videos. I am looking forward to blooming our connection.

  5. Hi Teresa! So glad you stopped by. Soak it up. Look forward to getting to know you and your work.

  6. Hi Chara. Happy you stopped by and happy to be on the way with you.

  7. Ah, the beach. Surf, sand, and all that matters most. Next to the trees and wind, the ocean speaks to me most and calls me back to the whole of who I am. Thanks, Andrea.

  8. Love this, Sheila. The trees are like family to me. Nature is such a gift!

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