[Books for the Soul] Hop, Skip, Jump: Creativity Book Review + Fun Quiz to Expand Your Productivity, Playfully!

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First, a true confession: Sometimes, when I get a new book I just hold it and feel its energy. I just love holding this fun new book with its scrumptous cover in my hands. It’s yummy, like rainbow sherbert and lopsided lollipops and traipsing through a wildflower field on a blue-sky day.

But, unlike other yummy things that look great but are devoid of nutritional value, Hop, Skip, Jump is a book whose filling more than lives up to its richly delicious outer wrappings. This is a book that comes to life and can help you bring your dreams to life by connecting you to the spirit of play that naturally leads to greater productivity in life and business.

Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life is the latest book by ArtellaLand founder Marney Makridakis. In this SEEDS Recommendation, I’ll share a little about my personal experience with the book and how you can use it for soulful, creative exploration that will lead you to a more fulfilling and productive life.

Play as the Portal to Presence and Possibility

When I picked up this book, I was already familiar with Marney’s uber-creative spirit and spunk, having gone through her very first ACT coach training in 2009. In fact, I vividly remember the first day I stumbled across her website. I had launched Creative Revolutions back in 1997 and when I found Marney somewhere around 2007 I was ecstatic to discover a fellow champion for creativity as a path to freedom, joy, and purpose.

Marney brings a unique sense of play to her work, and that is something that I have learned to cultivate more and more in my own life and work. I am so grateful now to have that awesome playfulness bottled up in a new book!! In fact, nearly every page of this book offers a way to embrace your playful spirit as you seek to manifest a meaningful life.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.44.15 AMThere’s even a brilliant quiz you can take to connect to your personal manifestation style. Per usual, I’m a complicated mix 🙂 How about you? Post your style below if you’d like!

So, do you hop, skip, or jump? What’s your manifesting style?

Taking the quiz in the book’s introduction, I learned that I’m equal parts Skip and Jump with a little bit of Hop-along tendencies thrown in for good measure. Those of you who know me are, I’m sure, thinking that’s about right. Not known for my simplicity, but sure am working on streamlining and connecting with all that matters most.

Want to find out your manifestation style?
Take the Quiz Here

Taking a cue from the author’s invitation to be flexible, I skipped right over to the Skip section and intuitively picked portal number 33. My first foray into this new book’s playful possibilities was creating my very own OHdometer for use as I skipped on my way to the life of my dreams.

What fun! As I created my very own measuring tool for my desired experience of a soul-inspired, full bloom LIFE of living in full expression, I found myself lightening up and lighting up. Here’s what I created using just one of the fun ways to manifest a meaningful life . . .

Dawn's Quick OHdometer / Experience Meter to support my Soul Sparkle Life! #33 in Hop, Skip, Jump by Marney Makridakis
Dawn’s Quick OHdometer / Experience Meter to support my Soul Sparkle Life! #33 in Hop, Skip, Jump by Marney Makridakis














Perhaps my favorite thing about this book is the white space that leaves room for me to engage with its content. {I’ve already doodled in this book, more evidence of its yumminess ;)}This spaciousness is preceded by original “Haikoodles” and “Manifestagrams.” The Haikoodle paired with #33 said this:

play as one hunger
waiting to be fed and filled
feast upon your life


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.29.04 PM

Keys to Enhanced Productivity and a Way to a More Meaningful {FUN, FUN, FUN} Life

This book will remind you just how important it is as we are busy hop, skip, jumping our way forward to connect to a spirit of play for increased productivity and joy. If you are looking for an infusion of fun in your life and work, I recommend you take a look at this new book from Marney Makridakis and New World Library and unlock a world of playful possibility.

Here’s where you can order the book

If you check out Marney’s book, let me know about YOUR experience with this SEEDS Recommendation {for those of you new to my work SEEDS is an acronym meaning Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self}. You can leave a comment below about the book — and be sure to share your manifesting style!!

Here’s to your meaning, movement, and forward momentum,

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.51.20 AM




P.S. When you buy the book on Tuesday, November 11th, you can get a bonus $15 e-gift for creative goodies at Artellaland… that’s more than your investment for the book. Buy the book here to receive your bonus gift for every book you purchase on launch day.

Quick Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the publisher. I’m listed on Artella Land’s list of 75 blogs that matter most. My opinions are my own and based on my own engagement with this book. For now, I’m off to hop, skip, and jump my ay to a more meaningful life and grateful to have this book with me on the way. Wanna play?



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  1. Wendy Fedan

    Great review, Dawn!!
    I ended up to be a Hopper/Jumper (tied) when I took the quiz in the book!

  2. TY, Wendy. That’s cool. I’ve already learned that I need to learn to hop. So funny, because I remember as a kid on the playground I never got hopscotch but LOVED to skip!!! Hugs to you,

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