[Lifeseeds] Seek Illumination Within

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You ARE the Lighthouse!

LIFE MAP #2 from the Creative Revolutions LIFE MAP reminds us to “seek illumination within.” It helps in the midst of life’s storms to remember that you ARE the lighthouse. Within you is an eternal source of light and life.

The LIFE MAP consists of 90 momentum action pathways to connect you back to your essential self, your essential journey, and your essential truth. These pathways are MAPs for coming fully to LIFE and Living In Full Expression.

To learn more connect to Dawn’s Cultivating Essence book series, beginning with Awakening the World Within. Shine your light from within.


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Resources for the Journey from Here . . .

Awakening the World Within: Cultivating Essence Book 1SEEDS ReCreation Circle: Heartland Workshop










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Dawn Richerson is a soul explorer and journey guide who offers experiences for your soul's radiant expansion. Dawn is the long-time CEO of Creative Revolutions Inc., the author of books on spirituality, healing, and wholeness, and a visionary artist who enjoys creating Soul Essence Maps to connect you to your essential gifts.

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