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We have been accustomed to separating sheep from goats and demonizing those who betray us, offend us, or make monstrous choices we think we would never make. In this video, I share an excerpt from my first book, From the Heart of a Child, published in 1998.

The stories in the book are simple, drawn from everyday life as a single parent of an inquisitive preschooler. This is one of 52 “Meditations for Everyday Living,” and thoughts on faith and life formed through experiences with my son, Luke.



What if the so-called “monsters” really were
just “pretending to be scary”?

What if we didn’t play that game anymore?

What if we decided to be love and to love it all?



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While I have certainly grown and expanded my perspectives of the world in the 15 years since I wrote this, one thing remains true: When we love, as Jesus and all the great teachers and masters who have walked on this earth chose to love, we send out waves of love that can radically alter our common course.

We are all Jesus, and we are all Judas. It just depends on the day. There is no need to create a world filled with good guys on one side and demons and monsters on the other side.

There are no more sides.

The world is round not flat.

Love is the way. Today, let’s walk in it, and love it all.

I am grateful for Jesus and for Judas, for all those who have played roles that showed us the contrast and the choice. Today, I choose love.

What will you do today to love the monsters?

From the Heart of a Childheart-of-child-1-ebook copyLove,

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In a Different Light - Spiritual Experience - Judas


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  1. Dawn, It really is all about love. At the end of the day, there are no monsters unless we allow them into our reality and love has no space for monsters!

  2. Thank you Dawn for your beautiful words of wisdom that especially touches the heart of me. Reminds me of my daughter Alex and how I would write down the “Alexisms” in my journal just to capture the essence of love you are describing so exquisitely. Hugs

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