[Journeys for the Soul] Thomas Merton: Thoughts on the Way Ahead

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Blessed Solitude and the Way Ahead

IIMG_3459‘m headed back to my beloved Kentucky for a month-long writing retreat soon. I’ll even be staying in the same cabin, with the WONDER-full name WONDER!! So much unfolded for me on my last trip, that I cannot wait to be there again.

Last time I was in Kentucky, I was walking in the way with Thomas Merton, one of my most beloved teachers from beyond. Scroll down to meet me on the way and journey with Merton as we explore the way ahead. Or here’s where to click if you want to go straight to this New Soul Streams Experience with Dawn.

But first, I want to ask you about your perspective on the way ahead. How are you feeling about your life and your life’s work?

Here are a few questions to consider:


Have you been living fully?

Are you living in trust, boldly and authentically
expressing the whole of who you are?

Or have you been hiding out
and biding your time?

Now is a really good time to look toward the year ahead and to reframe your perspective. If you would like to see that the way is always opening up and connect for some strategic visioning and soul connection to explore what’s next, I’ve opened up a new way of working with me. It’s affordable, focused where you want to focus, and available to you NOW!


Soul Sessions with DawnLet’s meet for a Soul Session: It’s a single-month commitment with three connection points in which we explore the way ahead. Soul Sessions with Dawn


One of the streams of soul wisdom I’ve gleaned from Merton is that even when we know that we really don’t know, we can rest in the blessed assurance that we are held in grace and can trust just enough to take the next step on the path.

And THAT is when the miracle occurs.


NEW Soul Streams Sampler on THE WAY AHEAD with Thomas Merton

A focus on what is perhaps Merton’s most famous prayer is the first in a series of 52, 7-Day Samplers which will make up the “Poems, Prayers, and Promises” Soul Streams series.  If you are interested in Merton, you may enjoy “Thoughts on the Way Ahead” inspired by Thomas Merton’s famous prayer.

This experience is a Soul Streams 7-Day Sampler with 7 daily invitations to the dance of your life through a deeper exploration of a much-loved quote from Merton’s Thoughts in Solitude that begins,

“My Lord, God, I have no idea where I am going…”

Thomas Merton: Thoughts on the Way Ahead - A Soul Streams 7-Day SamplerThrough these 7 daily invitations, we will explore Merton’s beloved prayer, examining the following areas or questions and experiencing our lives more fully through the invitation that Merton has offered.

Here are the seven pathways we will explore . . .






1 – The Way of Mystery

2 – Our Desires for Life

3 – How the Way Opens Up

4 – A Mantra for Moving Forward

5 – Moving from Fear to Faith

6 – The Presence of the Divine

7 – How We Are Held in an Infinite Grace

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Thomas Merton and I will meet you on the way!


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