[Grow Your Soul] Essential Thoughts on Wonder and Terror

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Happy New Year! I wanted to share this SEEDS video from December 2014, during my month of solitude in Kentucky. It’s on wonder and terror and how often we experience touches of both in the same moments.


I stepped into this intersection of wonder and terror and jump-started the New Year with a big move. I’m living in Ireland for awhile. It is amazing and filled with, no surprise, moments where wonder meets terror.

This morning, the sun was gorgeous! The roads had a touch of ice, however, which adds a bit of a challenge when one is just learning to navigate curvy, country backroads that ramble through the Emerald Isle. I will be sure to post a blog soon with pictures from beautiful Ireland.

What about you?

Where are you stepping boldly and daring to live in full expression, even when the wonder-full moments are tinged with what seems to be terror?

What do you find when you dare to meet life as it is, embracing both the wonder and terror?

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