[Soul Share] Inviting You into a Celebration of Light: Special Lenten Message from Dawn

Faith is important to me. It is an integral part of who I am. It is the first of the seven soul wonders: faith, hope, love, healing, growth, passion, and beauty. Everything springs from faith, and it sustains me — even and especially when I think I’ve lost it. Faith is foundational for me.

Over a long journey, it was faith that led me back to sacred wholeness, in a three-decades-long journey, and now it is my faith that leads me on to soulful transformation, in the knowing that I am here to share something of all that matters most — my essential self, journey, and truth and my unique expression of the One Light.

This season in my particular faith tradition, the season of Lent, has significance and deep meaning for me, and this year my heart is full of such love for the journey we are making together.

Do you feel it? We are poised for flight as never before, ready at last to live fully and fly free, unencumbered from the chains that have bound us.

Ready for Flight: Celebrating Light, Life, and Love This Lenten SeasonYesterday, Ash Wednesday, as I was walking the streets of Dublin (I’m living in Ireland this year), I was flooded again with this love and with light. The birds were everywhere, and they seemed to signal Spring. As I walked the city street, stopping by Christ Church Cathedral, I was considering Lent.

First, a definition…

On Lent and Light

From the Online Etymology Dictionary for Lent:

late 14c., short for Lenten (n.) “forty days before Easter” (early 12c.), from Old English lencten “springtime, spring,” the season, also “the fast of Lent,” from West Germanic *langa-tinaz “long-days” (cognate with Old Saxon lentin, Middle Dutch lenten, Old High German lengizin manoth), from *lanngaz (root of Old English lang “long;” see long (adj.)) + *tina-, a root meaning “day” (compare Gothic sin-teins “daily”), cognate with Old Church Slavonic dini, Lithuanian diena, Latin dies “day” (see diurnal). the compound probably refers to the increasing daylight. Compare similar form evolution in Dutch lente (Middle Dutch lentin), German Lenz (Old High German lengizin) “spring.”

On Light and Life

Last year during my Heartland tour during the month of May, which inspired the Journey to the Heartland book (it’s currently on sale on Amazon), I put together a video presentation I shared along the way called “The Story of Life: How We Are CoCreating a Tapestry of Timeless Truth as We Come to LIFE and Live In Full Expression” (I know, long title).

The Story of Life with Dawn RichersonThe Story of LIFE, told in three movements now available to you, opens with these words:

“It is the dawning of our lives.”

And then:

“It is morning, the first day. We awaken and rise to greet the new dawn. Awakening to the world within, we open to a whole new way of seeing ourselves.”

On Life and Willingness

We are indeed creating a whole new way forward, and this does feel like a morning in our world. There is a new spirit of life in hearts of men and women everywhere. We are being born to ourselves.

This is precisely what Jesus lived, and it is the experience of the life more abundant into which he invited us then and invites us now.

There is value in honoring all that has brought us to here. Yet, my feeling is that the honoring does not require a vow of solemnity, withdrawal, or sacrifice.

For what did Jesus come if not to set us free
and prepare us for the life more abundant?

The question arises in me:

Why can’t lent be a celebration of light
and an invitation to the life that lives
within us?*

LIFE, my acronym for Living In Full Expression, is essentially an invitation to reconnect from within to all that matters most. First, we must be willing to dare to live.

This is, to me, what it means to walk on, not knowing where the journey may lead. We must be willing to risk this journey, to touch again the LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE that live inside us.

How I Am Celebrating Lent

Here’s what I’m celebrating in the next 40 days:

  • the increase of daylight and the coming Spring
    Aside: thank goodness the days are getting longer here in Ireland!
    I did not factor in the super short winter days here, and it has been a challenge.
  • the flood of light into our human reality and our experience of ourselves,
    with more and more of us embracing that whole new way of seeing
  • the Light of the World, demonstrated, I believe, 2,000 years ago
    in a man named Jesus who lived by the law of love, and also, I believe,
    today, right where you are and right where I am, if we so choose.

Reflections of Life: A Photo by Dawn RichersonI want to live a celebration of light, life, and love in this season of my life. Honoring the faith that lives in me, I want it to light me up and set me free, because I came here to fly.

Whatever your faith tradition, I invite you into the deeper dance of your life. Begin at your core with a foundation of faith, hope, and love.

As for me, as one whose life has been lit within from the eternal Christ light, I will observe this Lenten season by sharing more of that light with the world to the best of my ability and by connecting more deeply to the sources that nourish and support that light as I experience them in my own life.

Love and grace,
Dawn Signature



* PS Just for the record, I checked this out with Jesus. He laughed and said it was about time to get this party started.


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