[Grow Your Soul] Time Passages: Spring Equinox + What Rises Up to Meet You

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We are approaching the Spring Equinox, which occurs this Friday, March 20th. This is a rite of passage into more light, life, and love. This is your invitation to your life’s dance and an opening to all that rises to meet you in this day.

There have already been a zillion changes zooming around, mixing it up for me. There was an unexpected death in the family. Travel plans fell through. I hiked up Carrowkeel in Ireland yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Along the way today, I was thinking about passages:

  • from Darkness to Light
  • from Life to a Life More Abundant
  • from Chaos to a Revolution of Love

Here’s a video I made for you to share some of the experience and the soul of Ireland on this special day when the whole world seems a little greener and grander . . .

As I was exploring the passage tombs, I was considering passages. I was remembering bits of “Time Passages” from Cultivating Essence series (book 1 Awakening the World Within here):

Awakening the World Within: Cultivating Essence Book 1There is the time you have known by the ticking of a clock, and there is another experience of time that is much different. You speak of time standing still. This is sacred time, a moment infused with the promise and fulfillment of a lifetime.

The truth is you have all the time you need. Not only is there no need for hurry; there is also no need to wait. The time is always now, and there is always time. And that time appears to meet your need. It also slips by if you choose not to live fully into it.

Redeem your ticket to ride, and take all the time you need.

The whole day at Carrowkeel was magical. I was by myself, unable to make the trip back to the States for a family funeral and having had plans for my son’s visit (to coincide with his 22nd birthday on the Equinox!) suddenly shifted due to circumstances beyond our control.

Though I was alone, I was fully connected. I stood in sacred time, living fully into each step and each moment. There was no need to hurry, and no need to wait.

Check out this great map of the site.

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Stand in Sacred Time
LIFESEEDS #75 invites us into the dance of our lives, reminding us to Stand in Sacred Time.

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Take a moment today to be fully where you are as you are, knowing all is well as it is. Stand still and consider the passage you are making at this point of your life’s adventure.

If you’d like share something about your passage below.

Dawn Richerson


P.S. One of the options for Your Essential Day with Dawn is to add on a Day 2 for a trip to Carrowkeel or another nearby site after your day of soul connection and expansion for your life and your life’s work and your night in the castle.


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  1. I remember standing outside the chapel at St. Kevin’s. Built around 600 A.D. the roof never leaks.

    I remember standing in a ring fort on at my husband’s cousin’s farm and thinking, “I’m standing on sacred ground.” And I made up a story as I stood in one ring fort and could see another about 1/4 mile away.

    I went to Castle Ross in Kilarney and while the castle is a castle is a castle, I stood by the lake and watched as the clouds rolled in and blew away leaving only a rainbow.

    Next time I’m in Ireland, I’m going to New Grange. I can only imagine the sacred energy that’s there.


  2. I really liked the invitation to dance… hearing that a lot this week. Coincidence?
    Lovely inspiration!

  3. Dawn
    Thank you for the magical time with you at Carrowkeel – loved the video experience x

  4. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing your magical adventure! Keep the videos and photos coming for those of us sharing your experience online!

  5. Thank you Dawn for this beautiful article. I was in Ireland 5 years ago and fell in love with the country…so magical and mystical. I had not been to Carrowkeel and you inspired me to get on a plane and get there. Your message of sacredness is uplifting! Blessings

  6. fabulous adventure! Great climb! Thanks for the video, felt like I was there but able to be out of the wind. Blessings on your journey, gale

  7. Dawn, I so respect the way you honored sadness and travel disruptions with sacred time in nature. Your video is beautiful and heightens my yearning to see Ireland!

  8. I have made just one pilgrimage to Ireland, and sacred it was. Newgrange (I still wear the triple spiral around my neck), Brigid’s Well in Kildare where I hung prayer ribbons, all of it — including a trip to the Aran Islands to get a sweater — was full of intention, joy, and whispers from the Goddess.

    Thanks for bringing it all back to me.

  9. Dawn,

    I have heard that Ireland is a magical mystical place and you bring it to life. It is one of those places I would like to travel to one day.

    Thank you for sharing this time with us. Now is a bigger time for expansion, although we can allow that for ourselves when we are open to it.

    Thank you again for your inspirational insight.

  10. Teresa, it truly is magical and I hope you have the opportunity to visit. I’m grateful every day and love sharing it with all of you!

  11. Ah, Sue, and thank YOU, because the Kildare Brigid site and Aran Islands are on my list! You are most welcome.

  12. Chara, I so appreciate that. I truly feel that honoring it all, not wallowing but truly acknowledging and deeply feeling what is, leads us to more life and joy. Come see the Emerald Isle!

  13. Gale! Hello, and thank you. I LOVE the wind!!!! It isn’t great on video, I know, but I’m truly happy. xoxo

  14. Thank you, Debra. I so appreciate you sharing it with me, and YES, come see Carrowkeel.

  15. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to, Sheila. You can count on more soul streaming in the 40 shades of green.

  16. Thank YOU, Jacqueline! I appreciate you joining me for it.

  17. Thank you, Kimberly. That’s a line from my Cultivating Essence books / LIFEseeds core curriculum, AND I am delighted that so many of us are truly saying YES to the dance of our lives! Blessings,

  18. Peggy, I stood by that lake at Castle Ross when I visited with my son in August and wished I could live in this country. Six months later with very little effort on my part, I did. I must have slid down the rainbow you left, so a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU!! The energy on the land around New Grange is indeed palpable. Definitely worth a trip back! xoxo

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