[Grow Your Soul] Ready for a Whole New Way of Seeing Yourself?

Connecting to Your Essential Self and All That Matters Most

There are three primary pathways I have sought to walk in my life. They are my way of being the most “me” I can be and expanding radiantly into all the infinite possibilities that exist for me here. These paths are:

  • The Path of Soul Exploration
  • The Path of Soul Expression
  • The Path of Soul Expansion

Hint: If You Are Looking for 50 Shades of Grey, You Will Find Them. Suggestion: Seek the Light Within and Come See 40+ Shades of Green!

Discover a Whole New Way of Seeing Yourself with the Path of Soul Exploration (connect here and then come see me this Spring or Summer!)


Your Essential Day with Dawn: for your radiant expansion in your life and in your life's work











I wanted readers of my blog to be the first to know that beginning this Spring, you can come meet me in the Emerald Isle for Your Essential Day with Dawn. If you feel drawn to this opportunity, please drop me a quick message by e-mail using the button on this page.

A few notes:

  • If you schedule with me far enough in advance, you’ll sleep in a castle on a lake that just happens to be one of Ireland’s top-rated hotels and spas. (I hear it fills up for summer months early, so let’s talk soon if you are coming to meet with me heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul!)
  • If you love walks and bring some good hiking shoes or boots, I’ll take you to my Fairy Forest.
  • If you want to just get by and survive your life, don’t make the trip. If, however, you are looking for daring adventure and radiant expansion and want to bring your dreams to life and live the life of your dreams and you are willing to engage in the three paths of Soul Exploration, Soul Expression, and Soul Expansion, this is a good fit for you.






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Dawn Richerson is a soul explorer and journey guide who offers experiences for your soul's radiant expansion. Dawn is the long-time CEO of Creative Revolutions Inc., the author of books on spirituality, healing, and wholeness, and a visionary artist who enjoys creating Soul Essence Maps to connect you to your essential gifts.

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