[Art for the Soul] April Showers: It’s Raining Love and Savings All Month Long!

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April Showers of Love
. . . and Savings on Art by Dawn

Because I’m a fool for love and enjoy sharing my photos with you,
I’ve decided to feature one a day for the next 30 days from various collections on my author Facebook page and shower you with a generous 33% off anything you buy during the month of April!


Enter code MHZJBD
to enjoy the savings anytime this month.



Art + Photos by Dawn Richerson

10 Ideas for What to Do with Dawn’s Art and Photography

  1. Connect to your soul purpose through art intended to activate and awaken you to your role in this time of transformation.
  2. Order up a comfy, cozy pillow and add a little color or some Irish goodness to your favorite couch or chair.
  3. Get an affordable print or poster for inspiration and reconnection in your living or work space.
  4. Purchase an image that connects your to your essential self, journey, and truth and your next step.
  5. Share the love through a pack of greeting cards.
  6. Use as stock art for your own projects!
  7. Reflect on what matters most as you snuggle with a good book in your favorite sitting or sleeping spot.
  8. Spruce up your daily communications with a new case for your phone.
  9. Remember you are connected to timelines past, present, and future.
  10. Wrap yourself in the image you love with a duvet cover for extra comfort.

P.S. There are no worries because the site offers a money-back guarantee!


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Dawn Richerson is a soul explorer and journey guide who offers experiences for your soul's radiant expansion. Dawn is the long-time CEO of Creative Revolutions Inc., the author of books on spirituality, healing, and wholeness, and a visionary artist who enjoys creating Soul Essence Maps to connect you to your essential gifts.

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