[Soul Share] Playing Nice + Potential Costs to Creative Soul Expression

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If you’ve been playing nice . . .

Press pause for just a moment. Consider your motivations. Consider the costs.

What many of us fail to notice, until our bodies sound an alarm at least, is that in our effort to show up fully where situations and people seem to be in need of our support and assistance we may inadvertently be sacrificing is our soul’s growth and expansion.

I invite you to watch the video and use my acronym for NICE to help you evaluate whether doing the “right” or expected thing is depleting you or preventing your full soul expression.

Then, if you have been playing at life, pre-tending, or otherwise diminishing your energy, as I noticed in my own life recently, stop and rest, then reallocate your energy in the direction of your own commitment to LIFE and Living In Full Expression.


Your Invitation to Your Life’s Dance:
Honor your soul’s growth and be aware when you are playing nice with others and putting your soul on hold.

If you’d like, leave a comment about your commitment to a whole and balanced life, where you still get to be nice as you allow for your soul’s growth and radiant expansion in your life and in your life’s work.


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