Essential Notes

Essential Notes include my shorthand notetaking process that includes key words, core concepts, doodles, and energetic connections I feel in my soul and core being as I am engaging with content. Key ideas, symbols and doodles communicate your message in a unique, creative format that supplements your fine gifts of original design.


Speakers, authors, and organizational leaders have paired my notes with presentations, book sales and events, and workshops to further engage their audience and extend the impact of their essential message.

Essential Notes by Dawn enhances your powerful core content, extending its life and engaging visual learners at a deeper level.


How to Use Essential Notes

  • As a coloring page or simple visual tool as you are listening to a call
    or core content provided in audio or video formats
  • As a review tool after engaging with content
  • As a prompt for further exploration through doodling, journaling,
    or using the soul essence art technique


How Essential Notes Enhance Your Product Offering

My notes are unique and will allow you to provide your audience to engage with your content in a deeper way. They are especially well-suited for those visual learners and those who absorb content by engaging in activity as they are listening (nearly everybody according to some studies).

SEA Doodle Essential Notes Seeds of Recognition SAMPLE

Please contact me to set up a connection to discuss your project. We will connect to discuss your event, retreat, book, information product, webinar, or meeting and agree on next steps (live meeting attendance, provided files, deliverables, etc.). I create Essential Notes from your original core content or on site as an attendee at your event.

I look forward to supporting your sharing of your soul gifts and connecting them to your audience in this way! Again, just reach out by e-mail to set up a time to talk. Contact me here.


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Essential Notes from Dawn

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