Your Essential Self VisualizationThank you for your purchase! Welcome to Your Essential Self: A Visualization. This meditation offers a reconnection to your whole self and your soul self. It is from the Soul Streams Soulful Life collection. Use it as often as you would like to discover and create new pathways of reconnection that awaken the world within for a whole new beginning.


Welcome! How to Experience This Visualization

  • Watch the Soul Share Video to reconnect to Your Essential Self
  • Explore the Prompts + Questions provided below
  • Take your Next Steps along the way
  • Be sure to claim your Savings Voucher


Soulful Life Soul Share Video from Dawn


Journaling Prompts + Quest-tions for Further Exploration

After you have listened to the visualization to reconnect to Your Essential Self, consider the following questions:

  • How well have you connected with Your Essential Self
    in the span of your life so far?
  • To what degree to feel connect with Your Essential Self right now?
  • In the visualization, did you see, hear, or experience
    the presence of Your Essential Self? Describe the experience.
  • Did your essence (Essential Self) bring a gift? Was it natural
    and easy to receive this gift? Were you surprised?
  • Was there a particular message Your Essential Self brought?
    Did she show you something? Tell you something?
  • Did you have something to share with your essence?
    What conversation did you open?
  • Did you feel a connection to the core of your being / your soul’s
    sanctuary? Write about what you experienced.
  • Write a letter to Your Essential Self, opening up a dialogue,
    asking her questions and sharing all that is on your heart. To
    continue this process, complete the meditation a second time
    and ask your essential self to offer a reply at the conclusion of
    this second reconnection. Simply pick up the pen and write a
    reply from your heart, allowing your essence to speak on the page.


Beside the Still Waters


Thank You + Next Steps

Thank you for joining me for this experience to reconnect to your essential self. There is nothing that lights me up as much as being on the way with you, and I hope our paths will cross again.

Remember, you have lifetime access to this visualization, so you can access it anytime. Consider the ways you can create a sense of spaciousness and sacred reconnection in your everyday life. Commit to being present to the gentle unfolding of your life and the song of your soul.

I enjoy hearing about what resonated most for you, individually, in this particular Soul Streams offering. Please share with a quick comment below!

I look forward to our next connection, and it is always my honor and privilege to be on the way with you! Connect to more experiences for soul growth here.

As a thank you for your investment in you with this reconnection to Your Essential Self, I’d like to gift you with a $7 savings voucher on any purchase from the Soul Store. Just choose your journey and enter the code SAVE7.

May you be blessed on your journey from here,
Dawn Sig First Name