• Walk in the Way of Wholeness
    and See Yourself


  • Walk in the Way of Wholeness
    and Be Yourself


  • Walk in the Way of Wholeness
    and Free Yourself

Seeds for Life: Convenient Workbook with 90 Ways to Living In Full Expression 

Seeds fo
Seeds for Life: Introducing the Lifeseeds Core Curriculumr Life is a
guide to for a reconnection to the LIGHT, LIFE, and LOVE we are at our core moves through 90 momentum action pathways. Each of the ninety pathways contains a focus text and daily lifeseed along with a DARE {daring adventure in radiant expansion}.

This core curriculum for LIFE (Living In Full Expression) can be used by individuals or within groups. The book is intended for individual use and includes the 90 “seeds for life” that are also available in the 90 Days to Life online experience.

This core curriculum is particularly well-suited for sharing in groups as well as in social institutions, such as prisons, hospitals, youth programs, shelters, community programs, etc., and is available for licensing to share with groups of all sizes. Contact Dawn to discuss using materials for use with your group or organization.


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The 90 Days to Life Online Experience

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Individual Seeds Packets for a Focused Boost. Just $2 each!

#1 LIFESEEDS Begin with Light#2 LIFESEEDS Seek Illumination Within#3 LIFESEEDS Make Room for a New Story#4 LIFESEEDS Embrace Wholeness#5 LIFESEEDS Connect to Your Still Center#6 LIFESEEDS Hear the Song Rising Up, Remember#7 LIFESEEDS Be a Part of the Universal Symphony#8 LIFESEEDS Trust Yourself to Know the Tune#9 LIFESEEDS Welcome All into the Guest House

#10 LIFESEEDS Tune to the Vibration of the Holy Yes!#11 LIFESEEDS Be the River, See with New Eyes#12 LIFESEEDS Choose to Honor Choice#13 LIFESEEDS Be Here. Be Now. Be Now Here#14 LIFESEEDS Surprise! Get a Sense of Humor#15 LIFESEEDS Live the Magic, Dance with Mystery#16 LIFESEEDS Know You Are Loved, Beyond Measure#17 LIFESEEDS See Life as MultiDimensional Reality#18 LIFESEEDS Open to Infinite Possibility#19 LIFESEEDS Be Found in the Heart of the Great I Am #20 LIFESEEDS Surrender to Love #21 LIFESEEDS Observe Life Working in Your Favor #22 LIFESEEDS Unbind Yourself, Come to the Present #23 LIFESEEDS Know You Are Well #24 LIFESEEDS No Mistake Can Be Your Grave #25 LIFESEEDS See You Are Inseparable from Love #26 LIFESEEDS Weave a Home of Beauty #27 LIFESEEDS Feel the Tender Mercies of Becoming #28 LIFESEEDS Stand Amazed at Life Unfolding #29 LIFESEEDS Dare to Take a Single Step #30 LIFESEEDS Belong to All That Is #31 LIFESEEDS Allow Yourself to Be Broken Open #32 LIFESEEDS Let Love Be the Fuel #33 LIFESEEDS Breathe In and Be on the Way #34 LIFESEEDS Dare to Believe in Life #35 LIFESEEDS Choose This Day #36 LIFESEEDS Listen for Life's True Tones #37 LIFESEEDS Know You Are Held Safe in Space and Time #38 LIFESEEDS Be Free-Spirited in This Life For Giving #39 LIFESEEDS Share Fine Gifts of Original Design #40 LIFESEEDS Remember the Dream We Dreamed #41 LIFESEEDS Hear All That Will Come to You in the Silence #42 LIFESEEDS Raise Your Vioce to Find Your Truth #43 LIFESEEDS Stay Current #44 LIFESEEDS Allow Your Heart to Experience Change #45 LIFESEEDS Know You Have All You Need #46 LIFESEEDS Breathe In Deeply and Welcome Life's Flow#47 LIFESEEDS Hold Sacred the Freedom that Is Your Birthright#48 LIFESEEDS See the Holy in the Ordinary #49 LIFESEEDS Choose Your Mirror, Set Your Scene #50 LIFESEEDS Flex the Muscle of Your Mind #51 LIFESEEDS Return to Love #52 LIFESEEDS Open to Full Awareness#53 LIFESEEDS Ease into Life's Curves#54 LIFESEEDS Stay Awake for the Journey #55 LIFESEEDS Find a Way around Blocks #56 LIFESEEDS Begin with Gratitude and Compassion #57 LIFESEEDS Give Thanks for All That Is #58 LIFESEEDS Get in the Story#59 LIFESEEDS Find Favor Not Fault#60 LIFESEEDS Cultivate Cooperation #61 LIFESEEDS See Truth When It Surprises You #62 LIFESEEDS Treasure the Dance of Life #63 LIFESEEDS Let Go of a Need for Compensation #64 LIFESEEDS Listen to Your Body Talk #65 LIFESEEDS Know Where You Belong #66 LIFESEEDS Love Yourself First #67 LIFESEEDS Notice How You Are Moving Through Life #68 LIFESEEDS Balance Work, Play and Rest #69 LIFESEEDS Stand in the Stream of Your Life #70 LIFESEEDS Carry Your Truth in Grace #71 LIFESEEDS Listen for the Song of Your Soul #72 LIFESEEDS Move to the Music of the Questions #73 LIFESEEDS See Yourself as a Cycle of Change #74 LIFESEEDS Engage in Value Redefinition #75 LIFESEEDS Stand in Sacred Time #76 LIFESEEDS Breathe in the Promise Revealed#77 LIFESEEDS See the Intricate Beauty of Life Unfolding#78 LIFESEEDS Know That Beauty Begins Within #79 LIFESEEDS Find What Feels Good #80 LIFESEEDS Choose and Choose Again #81 LIFESEEDS Find the Experience that Brings Out the Best in You #82 LIFESEEDS Cultivate Perspective and Balance #83 LIFESEEDS Consider Form and Function #84 LIFESEEDS Embrace Change #85 LIFESEEDS Celebrate Choice and Creative Contribution #86 LIFESEEDS Hold Fast to the Truth of Who You Are #87 LIFESEEDS Unbind Yourself and Fly Free #88 LIFESEEDS Risk Life's Adventure #89 LIFESEEDS Retain Your Sense of Play and Adventure