Dawn RichersonAs a soul explorer, my way of moving through the world is through the creation of unique projects and areas of exploration. I seek to apply my own nurturing and love leadership to each of these Soul Streams projects, inviting you into the co-creative process.

Here are some of the projects for you to enjoy and explore. It is my joy and honor to be on the way with you, and I invite your full participation. Together, we are weaving a timeless tapestry of truth.

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Soul Essences Exploration Projects for Soul Exploration, Expression and Expansion

Play of Light Soul Essence Exploration Story of Life Soul Essence Exploration Revolution of Love Soul Essence ExplorationEach year, I organize my work around a theme, then immerse myself in exploring through writing, art, photography, and soul journeys and the 7 I pathways: ink, images, ideas, intuition, integration, imagination, and inspiration. 

2016 The Play of Light  •  2017 The Story of Life  • 2018 A Revolution of Love


The Lifeseeds Core Curriculum for Coming Fully to LIFE {Living In Full Expression}

Lifeseeds Core CurriculumThis is truly the heart and soul of my life’s work. It’s all about LIFE: Living In Full Expression with a whole new way of seeing yourself, being yourself, and freeing yourself. Connect to Lifeseeds and the “90 Days to Life” journey. The new Seeds for Life book introduces the core curriculum and you can follow on Facebook for Lifeseeds Daily


Soul Essence Art Exploration for Soul Connection + Activation of Your Soul Gifts

Soul Essence Art

Soul Essence Art with Dawn Richerson

Soul Essence Map printed on pillow

In my journey to sacred wholeness, I developed an intuitive process to connect to my soul self and activate my soul gifts. I invite you to enjoy 30 Days of Soul Essence Art exploration with me or dive in with a one-of-a-kind, inspiring Soul Map to further activate your “fine gifts of original design.”




Soular Systems to Reconnect to the Dynamic and Sustainable System You Are

All Systems GoSustainable Systems Intro Experience All Systems Go The All Systems Go book and soul journey experiences explore 24 dynamic and sustainable “soular” systems to fine-tune your life and reconnect to what matters most. Each system is comprised of eight, multidimensional momentum action pathways (MAPs). 




Life Toolkits for Flourishing and Connecting to Your Essential Self, Journey, and Truth

SEEDS Tools & Systems STAR Tools & SystemsSEA Tools & SystemsSEEDS tools for Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self, STAR tools for connecting to Your Soul’s Truth And Radiance, and SEA tools for Soul Essence Art exploration support you in the radiant expansion of your life and life’s work.

SEEDS Toolkits | STAR Toolkits | SEA Toolkits



Transformation Kits for Exploring the 3 Pathways of Soul Exploration, Expression, and Expansion

SEA Soul Explorer's Transformation Kit CoverTransformation Kits are quick immersion experiences exploring one of the three pathways for soul growth and radiant expansion in your life and life’s work. Each kit includes original art or projects, life tools, and an assortment of video, audio, and worksheets to support you as you grow your soul and share your gifts. Explore Transformation Kits here.




Thank you for sharing the journey and bringing your own particular play of light, story of life, and revolution of love to these projects!