The Story of LifeThe Story of Our Lives,
The Story of Our World

The story unfolds in three acts with narrated video featuring original art paired with the sweeping story of humanity and reconnection portals to greater meaning and truth. Discover how we are cocreating a tapestry of timeless truth in this Soulful Life Experience from Soul Streams.


Where did the “Story of Life” come from and what is it, exactly?

The Story of Life: A LIFEseeds Exploration Project with Dawn Richerson

The “Story of Life” was born out of my observations in connecting with others desiring soul expansion. I noticed how the specific circumstances varied widely, yet there were commonalities shared by many of us. These roadblocks and obstacles kept us from a truth hidden in plain sight.

This bold invitation to the dance of your life gives a sweeping overview of the process of transformation in which we are each engaged in our life’s journey.

The story of our lives, whatever the particulars, is a story that we lived in order to come to the moment of realization that we are more than who we have pretended to be.

In this state of pretense, before the time was ripe or we were ready to acknowledge a truth we knew, we were tending to all the things we thought mattered most.

The Story of Life with Dawn Richerson

But it’s all just perfect, because those stories led us to the real story and back to what matters most and all that is essential as, collectively, we awaken the worlds within, find our forward flow, and embrace a new vision.

The “Story of Life” is told in three acts and offers a guided journey through our individual and collective journeys and all the ways those weave together. 

We will look at the unfolding of our lives and examine parallels between the personal and the human stories, gleaning new insights for how we might awaken to a whole new way of seeing ourselves, a whole new way of being ourselves, and a whole new way of freeing ourselves, day to day and for all time.

These three videos weave together the threads of experience many of us have shared through original art, music, narration.


T H I S   I S   Y O U R   I N V I T A T I O N   T O   Y O U R   L I F E ‘ S   D A N C E

Screen Shots from the three-act “Story of Life” video presentation


An Invitation from your journey guide . . .

Dawn Richerson

There’s nothing I love more than exploring new pathways for a reconnection to Your Essential Self, Your Essential Journey, and Your Essential Truth.

This Soul Streams experience is, more than anything, an invitation to the dance of your life. Will you say YES to coming fully to LIFE and Living In Full Expression?

I’m excited about all that will unfold for us as we journey together with the Story of Life and consider our individual life’s journey alongside our shared journey — the journey of humanity.

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I’ll meet you on the way!

Dawn Richerson


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