Your Soulful Life and Soulful Business Coaching and Mentoring with Dawn Richerson



Soulful LIFE Mentoring + Strategic Visioning
6-Months of Coaching with Dawn Richerson to
Cultivate Your Business, Your Brand, Your Book
and Nourish Your Soul as You Come to LIFE
(Live In Full Expression!!)


  • Say YES to Your Soulful Life or Your Visionary Business:
    Decide to Come Fully to LIFE and Live In Full Expression
    Design a radiantly expanded life and business that nourishes your soul!
  • Connect to and Share Your Authentic Soul Gifts:
    Discover Innovative Ways to Share Your Fine Gifts of Original Design
    Crystallize your core content and offerings and bring them to life!
  • Cultivate You and Deepen Your Connection to All That Matters Most:
    Connect to Your Essential Self, Essential Journey, and Essential Truth
    Cultivate YOU and water the world with the fullest expression of who you are!


What’s Included in Your Soulful LIFE Mentoring Program

  • 1/2-hour Quick-Start Call
    Assess where you are and outline goals and desires for your six months of  private coaching and mentoring.
  • 6, 50-minute Coaching Calls with Dawn
    We’ll meet once monthly for an hour to focus where you choose (Your Soulful LIFE, Business, Brand, Book). We can have some conversation about all four over the course of six mentoring calls or we can focus where you most desire my support for the duration of our coaching. My coaching offers a blend of strategic visioning, reconnection to your soul self and your whole self and IDEAS (insights, directions, exploration, action, systems). I specialize in helping you bring all the pieces together.
  • Open weekly E-mail Access
    Ask about specific resources, share an update with me or ask a follow-up question from our coaching. Please limit e-mail exchanges to quick questions.

The Details: Your Investment, When We Start

I’m keeping it simple. I work with 8 clients at at time in a six-month private coaching and mentoring program. The investment is $333 billed monthly or $1,595 paid in full in advance by check (a 20% savings to you!).

I am so excited to serve you in this way. All you need to do to get started is e-mail me here and say YES, indicating if you prefer the full-pay option by check or a monthly invoice, which can be paid online and is due on the first of each month, in advance of our monthly strategic visioning call.

I believe you were born to be a powerful agent of change, and there’s nothing I love more than sharing my intuition, inspiration, and ideas and offering support that is both soulful and strategic. I look forward to our first connection!

Here’s to Your Meaning, Movement & Forward Momentum,
Dawn Richerson




Dawn Richerson
Soul Explorer + Journey Guide

P.S. I’m delighted to connect with you for a complimentary call to discuss
whether this is the best fit for you and answer any questions you may have.
Just reach out here to schedule.


Why soulful life mentoring and strategic visioning with Dawn?

  • Get clear on what your soulful life and soulful business look like, bring together diverse interests,
    gifts and skills, designing a unique offering and a life and business that makes your soul sing! Really understand the difference you — and only you — deliver, cultivate you and water the world
    with the fullest expression of who you are.
  • Create a compelling vision for how you want to embrace your whole self and your soul self and
    express that creatively in the world, then move forward fast with IDEAS from Dawn. I offer a mix of coaching, consulting and mentoring, sharing strategies, intuitive insights, creative tools and questions for consideration with clients.
  • Receive support that is soulful an strategic, focused where you need it. Business, Book and
    Brand Development are my specialties. I will generously share exclusive content, discovery questions and more with clients enrolled in a six-month Soulful LIFE mentoring and strategic visioning at no additional charge.


Soulful Strategic Support to meet you where you are . . .

From a Soulful LIFE Mentoring Client: I originally reached out to Dawn for her help in building my website. My desire was to have a website that reflected my Truth, my Essence, and how I show up in the world. I had done a lot of inner work and felt fairly confident about myself and how I wanted to be in service to the world as a person and in my roles of coach and consultant.

What I did not know at the time was that through my benign request of Dawn to assist me with building a website, I was connecting with someone who not only would work with me to co-create a fabulous website but also a person so connected with her own Truth and creativity that she would inspire my own continuing transformation. So began my journey with Dawn and a path of discovery of Myself.

She walked with me, supporting me all the way. She held space for my curiosity along the way as I excitedly took off and explored the many, many interesting side-paths along the way. She delighted in my excitement and encouraged me to explore fully whatever fascinated me in the moment. My imagination ran wild with the unlimited possibilities that lay before me. The more excited I became, the more possibilities emerged until I was reeling.

The journey was not all filled with delight, however,  as along the way I took some turns and encountered parts of me that were scary  and made me run to the safety of my little girl self that cowered in fear of the unknown, only peering out a small window to see glimpses of a larger world outside. Rather that shelter me from those scary places and unknown parts of myself, Dawn patiently held space for me to explore those and become more aware and appreciative of the Whole of who I AM. My journey with Dawn led me to the center of Myself where I could see more clearly my own Truth. The journey has now brought me back home to Myself.

Rather than going off into new territory to start new and exciting business products and services, I’m back where my heart has been all along – the coaching and consulting work I was already doing! Now I am engaged in those services with renewed passion and inspiration. New and exciting possibilities for my work unfold each day. I’ve returned home to Myself with deepened awareness and gratitude for Who I AM. I am now stepping out into the world as my True and Authentic Self.

Thank you, Dawn, for the Journey, your loving support along the Way… and my beautiful website!!

~ Eve


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