Sustainable Systems Intro ExperienceWelcome to Introduction to Sustainable Systems exploring the 24 dynamic and sustainable “soular systems” to reconnect you to the dynamic and sustainable system you are. At your core, you are light. You are life. You are love. This is a Soul Streams All Systems Go Experience to fine-tune your life and reconnect to what matters most.

In this experience, Dawn provides an overview of the three systems sets and takes you on a tour of the 24 systems. Also included are videos to reconnect you to the truth that you are, as you are, a dynamic and sustainable system and a life tool for designing your own soular systems for sustainability and radiant expansion from within.

Welcome! Enjoy This All Systems Go Experience

  • Read the Welcome + Introduction
  • Listen to the Audio Overview
  • Watch the video: You Are a Dynamic and Sustainable System!
  • Watch the video: Introduction to Sustainable Systems

Welcome + Introduction

Dawn RichersonI’m Dawn Richerson, your journey guide for this introduction to Sustainable Systems for Flourishing Humanity, and I’m delighted to be sharing with you systems I have used to create my life and business. I invite you to explore those that pathways that call to you in greater depth. There will be courses available on each one, and you can access these detailed courses at the conclusion of this overview.

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The best way to expand radiantly is through the three, year-long immersion journeys: Your Play of Light, Your Story of Life, and Your Revolution of Love.

This Soul Streams experience provides an introduction to Sustainable Systems for Flourishing Humanity and the 24 “Soular Systems” with a focus on providing an overview and framework for further exploration of the systems I have used in my own life. I was guided to share these with you, though as with much of what I have offered through my life and life’s work, I had to adjust to the idea of doing so. These are merely ONE system, a point of entry, if you will, to your own life’s experience.

As you are exploring all of the information here, I encourage and invite you to design your own sustainable systems! You can use the toolkit provided at the conclusion of our initial journey and exploration through this introduction to do so. Keep a notebook or your Lifeseeds Journal nearby and be open to new awarenesses about your own Essential Self, Essential Journey, and Essential Truth. We will begin with an overview and brief introduction to the 24 systems.

An Overview of Our Journey Together

This course will introduce 24 total sustainable systems for flourishing humanity, grouped in three master sets comprised of 8 systems each. Each of the sustainable systems is focused on a strand of experience related to the master topic to which it belongs and includes 8 sacred movements or momentum action pathways that, together, act as an activation MAP for that experience. Like strands of DNA, there are endless combinations and recombinations that contribute to your dynamic and radiant expansion as you engage with these systems for sustainable growth, so approach your exploration of them with a sense of play, fun, and adventure.

Three Master Sets of Sustainable Systems

Three master sets {SEEDS, STAR, and SEA systems} form a triad for stable formation and soul growth, providing a reconnection to your essential self, journey, and truth. Each of the three sets is comprised of eight dynamic and sustainable “soular” systems. The shared goal of every systems is LIFE: Living In Full Expression, thriving and flourishing both individually and collectively.

All sustainable systems rest on the seven wonders of the soul: faith, hope, love, healing, growth, passion, and beauty. These are inherent gifts residing in the core of every soul, waiting for us to bring them forth to be expressed fully in our lives. Each of the three master sets has a set of life tools and practices—the SEEDS , STAR, and SEA toolkits.

Quick Audio Overview of the 24 Dynamic, Sustainable Soular Systems

Now that you have an idea of what sustainable systems are, let’s delve a little deeper in this introduction. We’ll begin by exploring the idea that you ARE, as you are, a dynamic and sustainable system! You ARE whole and complete. You have come here with all you need, not only just to survive but to thrive, to come fully to your life and live in full expression.

You Are a Dynamic and Sustainable System!

In this video, I talk about the seeds of life, those sacred seeds of essence, that reside at our core. I also introduce the three pathways that lead us to a reconnection who we we truly are. This video was from a live “soul streaming” broadcast I offered during my year in the heart of the Emerald Isle.

A quick heads up that, for whatever reason, videos recorded from my home in Ireland feature strange knocking and other background noises. I learned to refocus my own attention on and realign to the truth of my soul as I was no longer willing to allow such distractions to derail my sharing the truth of who I am. Please try to ignore those distractions and listen for the call of your soul, staying connected to the dynamic and sustainable system of your beautiful soul. 🙂

Introduction to Dynamic and Sustainable Systems

Consider these questions:

  • Do I see myself as a dynamic and sustainable system, whole and complete?
  • Do I feel at home within? From this place, what do I remember?
  • From this stillness, held in an infinite grace, ask to be shown what is possible.
  • How might I allow myself to be revealed?

All Systems Go: Fine-Tune Your lLife









Thank You + Next Steps

Thank you for joining me for this Soul Streams experience. I trust that this introduction to dynamic and sustainable systems has offered. Here are some next steps you may wish to consider:

  • The book series I mention in this video includes Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul, Awakening the World Within, Finding Our Forward Flow, and Embracing a New Vision.
  • The 24 systems are introduced in the book All Systems Go and in these three immersion journeys.
  • Join me for A Year of Creative Revolutions with Your Play of Light in 2017, Your Story of Life in 2018, and Your Revolution of Love in 2019. These will be pivotal years for our world, and there has never been a more important time to discover and bring forward your play of light, know and share your essential story of life, and usher in your unique and grace-filled revolution of love.
  • Consider a one-of-a-kind Soul Gifts Map to activate your soul gifts.

Dawn Richerson