[Soul Share] Held in Grace – Using Soul Essence Art to Reconnect to a Fresh Energetic Perspective in Times of Tenderness and Turmoil

Many of our hearts our breaking due to acts of violence and events in the outer world. Feelings of sadness, uncertainty, anger and even hopelessness are surfacing. I felt led to intuitively select and engage with a coloring page from … Continued

[Art for the Soul] Using Soul Essence Art Exploration to Tap Your SEEDS Story

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Soul Essence Art Exploration
Soul Essence Art ExplorationAccessing Your Core through Soulful Exploration and the Fullest Expression of Who You Are

Soul Essence Art Exploration is an intuitive, creative process that engages your whole self in soul exploration, excavation and expression. It is a journey for connecting to Your Essential Self, Your Essential Brand and Your Essential Journey. d

Developed by Dawn Richerson, author of Cultivating Essence and other books on spirituality, healing and wholeness, Soul Essence Art Explorations open up pathways to greater purpose through deeper understanding of the authentic self and your divine essence. The process designed to support you in the reclamation and realization of Your Essential Self.
Soul Essence Art Exploration
is for you if you desire to:

Connect to your core
Tap your intuition
Reclaim truth that’s been lost or cast aside
Anchor your authentic truth
Discover pathways to greater purpose
Bring forth hidden treasures
Integrate the streams of your soul
Express who you are more fully

Soul Essence Art Exploration . . .

A SEEDS Practice that provides a tool for self-discovery and recovery
[SEEDS= Soulful Exploration for the Essential Discovery of the Self]
A creative process for exploring the territory of the soul
Rooted in an inside-out approach
An intuitive re-connection to Your Essential Self

Core Benefits:

Clears stuck energy
Facilitates health and growth
Provides a creative approach to navigating change
Bypasses mental processes
Assists with intuitive awareness and connection

Sample Soul Essence Art Explorations:

Scenes from the Monastery: Soul Essence Art (c) Dawn RichersonDance of the Elements, (c) Dawn RichersonDance upon the Earth and give birth to worlds of wonder! (c) 2012 Dawn RichersonWild Child (c) Dawn RichersonAscension (c) 2012 Dawn RichersonAll That Rises (c) Dawn Richerson 2012 – Soul Essence Art ExplorationSoul Matrix Connections: Soul Essence Art by Dawn Richerson

Dawn is available for workshops on Soul Essence Art Explorations. Contact me here.