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Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul: Sustainable Systems for Flourishing Humanity by Dawn Richerson

Come fully to your LIFE and Live In Full Expression with 90 pathways to greater purpose and meaning in your life.


About This Audiobook

THIS BOOK IS A LOVE NOTE TO THE WORLD. It is informed by my firm conviction that there is no separation, that all things are connected, and that we are loved beyond measure. I cannot claim the ideas you will read here as my own original design. I was merely the conduit for this message, opening my heart and soul to allow the gift of this new vision for our world to break through, first in the mysterious though undeniable form of love and grace and then with words on the page.

My soul desire is that the hope for humanity in the heart of the cultivating essence message stirs your soul as they did mine. There is no question that the winds of change are blowing in our world. My belief is that they are also winds of grace – the sweet whisper of a dream breathed into possibility for a flourishing humanity.

Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul is for those who want to walk with as much ease and grace through this messy life as one can. It is for those who long to know why they are here now and live into that truth more fully. Listen to the audios to awaken the world within, find your forward flow, and embrace a new vision for your life. I trust this audiobook will open you to the wonder and mystery of your own life.

Love and Blessings,
Dawn Richerson




Audio Sample + What’s Inside This Audiobook

Cultivating Essence AudioThis audiobook selection includes audio for core passages included in the 3-book series and the 90 Days to Life Online Experience:


I.      Awakening the World Within
II .   Finding Our Forward Flow
III.   Embracing a New Vision

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Other Options to Consider:

  • You may wish to consider the 90 Days to Life Experience, which includes the Cultivating Essence video, audio, and text collections.
  • Seeds for Life includes written core passages from the Cultivating Essence book series along with daily lifeseeds and a daily DARE for daring adventures in radiant expansion. This introduction to the Lifeseeds core curriculum for living in full expression offers a tool for daily soul growth and expansion in your life and in your life’s work.