The Art of Love: Whimsical Doodle Art, Gifts of Love

So much is happening in the world. It's a crazy time. The best thing any of us can do is focus one day at a time. 

I love this Vincent van Gogh quote, and it has never been more timely.


Vincent van Gogh Quote Love Art

The image behind the quote is Two Peas in a Pod from a doodle series. Last summer I introduced my Sacred Partners SEA Series. SEA stands for Soul Essence Art — an intuitive, creative process that supports healing and personal transformation, radiant expansion from within. I had the images up on Etsy for awhile, but it made more sense to move them here with everything else, so I'm thrilled to share that they are now available as art prints! I loved creating this series and sharing soul stories for each of the SEA Doodles that belong to the Sacred Partnership Series.

While I've written a book on this topic and lead on online journey to explore it further, there's something about the lighthearted approach to this serious topic that just reconnected me more than ever to this path I have long felt drawn toward. Even when the doodles are interpretations of quite challenging aspects of this journey (which is sometimes referred to as soul love, the soulmate journey, the twin flame path or twin souls, or conscious relationships, though I prefer the term sacred partnership), even then there were smiles and moments of heartfelt gratitude and joy at the journey of self-discovery this path is an invitation to. 

Sacred Partner Series Doodle Art Whimsical Designs Art Prints

Introducing the Sacred Partners Art of Love Series—Whimsical, Playful and Positively Transformative Art Prints for Your Soul-Inspired Life


The Perfect Gift for a Celebration of Love — Makes a Great Birthday Gift or Valentine's Day Gift for a Partner or Spouse  

Sacred Partner SEA Doodles Art of Love Sacred Partnership Soulmate Gift Love Valentine's Day Wedding Anniversary Birthday Spouse Husband Wife Gift Celebration of Love Art of Love

Or you can use one of the doodles as inspiration to reconnect you to #whatmattersmost on your journey to a higher love.



Keep you heart full of love in these challenging times and remember Vincent's observation:

There is nothing more artistic than to love others. 

Begin where you are, as you are.

This is how we come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression and partake of life and life to the full. We exist in the love we are and bring it forth more and more. Day by day. This is how we begin and begin again.

Dawn Richerson

Sacred Partners SEA Series Soul Essence Art Prints Fun, Whimsical Soulmate Relationships Soul Love Twin Flame

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