12 Diamond Dimensions: LIFE Collective Magazine #1 [Navigating 2020-2027]


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 12 Diamond Dimensions Free Video Series

12 Diamond Dimensions Collection Soul Symbols SEA Symbols Soul Essence Art Navigating Change Art Prints Inspiration


SOUL STORY. All at once, in January 2020, I was given 12 SEA {soul essence art} symbols and names to share. All I knew was that these 12 "diamond dimensions" had to do with navigating the next 7 years. At first it seemed peculiar, as is the case with most things Spirit gives me. Looking back and in light of the first 7 months of 2020 and how the world has changed it all makes sense of course ;). 

An in-depth video series followed the initial designs, which are now available as art prints. Then I was guided to create issue #1 of the LIFE Collective Magazine (online) to explore this further. The FREE download includes a closer look and detail about each of the Diamond Dimensions and themes for the years ahead and makes a perfect complement to an art print. It also provides a top-level summary of the video series.

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2020 came in with so much that has changed our world. The free video series contains messages for Spirit about the years ahead and how these 12 "Diamond Dimensions" will refine us and move us into a new era, rich in love.


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