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Download Author BioDawn Richerson is the author of books that explore the topics of soul growth, spirituality and wholeness. She is inspired by nature, everyday miracles and the grace that rises up to meet us on the way. Dawn often works in series or collections and book selections are grouped by series or subject matter below. Through my books, my life and my life’s work I seek to help readers reconnect with and access the streams of their soul and then identify and share their unique and authentic soul gifts. This is my unique contribution to flourishing humanity, which can only happen as we return to the light, life, and love we are, each and every one of us, at our core. 

Special Note to Agents and Publishers: For some time, realizing the full scope and the body of work I hope to bring forward, I have focused solely on writing my books as time permits. I have self-published all but one book. The time has come for these books to be shared more broadly. Beginning in 2016, I am seeking representation for current books and projects in progress. I created this page for you to learn more about my body of work. Please contact me for direct access to my page of current projects available to publishers. If you have an interest in a particular project or aspect of my work, let me know. 


Book Collections from Author Dawn Richerson

Lifeseeds Curriculum + Cultivating Essence Book Series
Seeds for Life: Introducing the Lifeseeds Core CurriculumCultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul: Sustainable Systems for Flourishing HumanityAwakening the World Within by Dawn RichersonFinding Our Forward FlowEmbracing a New Vision
Lifeseeds Core Connection Experience KitThe Cultivating Essence series of books are my life’s work. They are my heart and soul, shared with you. I believe so much in this “message in a bottle for the world” that I have made the original core passages, planted in my heart nearly a dozen years before I was brave enough to share it with the world, free to read online and also available in gift book form. Each book in the three-book Cultivating Essence series offers a fuller exploration of the core content of the three movements: Awakening the World Within, Finding Our Forward Flow, and Embracing a New Vision. The new SEEDS for LIFE introduces Lifeseeds, a core curriculum for coming fully to LIFE and Living In Full Expression, complete with core passages and ninety “seeds for life” in workbook form. The Lifeseeds Core Connection Kit introduces practical life tools and SEEDS Practices for the soulful exploration for the essential discovery of the self. The Cultivating Essence gift book and 3-CD Cultivating Essence Audiobook round out this seminal collection.

Spiritual Experience + Essays from the Edge Book Series

Journey to the HeartlandA Light in the ForestForty Shades of GreenEdgewalker: Essays from the Edge by Dawn Richerson

These books include the raw experience of my life. They are the story of my unfolding human and spiritual evolution. These more recent books are spiritual memoir and include accounts of specific journeys in my own life, which often parallel the shared journey of our souls here in this place and time. The Heartland series includes Journey to the Heartland, named a top inspirational book by Aspire Magazine, which traces my impromptu month-long journey to the American midwest. Forthcoming books in this series include Light in the Forest, about a month punctuated with mystical experiences in a cabin nestled in the Kentucky woods, and Forty Shades of Green, about my year in Ireland. The Essays from the Edge series begins with the Edgewalker essay collection.

Healing Streams and Faith + Spirit Book Series

Journey to Sacred Wholeness

From the Heart of a Child

To Sin by SilenceCelebrate Struggle










Soul Essence Art Exploration + Coloring Books Book Series

Energetic PerspectivesENERGETIC PERSPECTIVES. Volume 1 in the SEA {soul essence art} In-the-Round coloring book series is out! The Energetic Perspectives coloring book includes 30 SEA doodle patterns plus Soul Activation Questions to assist you as you upgrade your energetic perspective and expand radiantly in your life and in your life’s work.

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Poetry Collection Book Series Find poetry selections here

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