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BY THE LIGHT OF THE AUGUST MOON. An Alterations Most True design series featuring altered photographs that reveal mysteries and wonders, designs for life hidden in plain sight. These 27 images share my experience of energetic shifts at play beneath the surface. The photographs were taken on walks through the beautiful woodland near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Only the colors were altered. Everything else you see was written on the trees that speak to me, in the delicate flowers and decaying mushrooms, in the mystical forest where all things come to light and life is ever rising up. The dragonflies and the butterflies joined with the elementals to reveal truths about a time of beginning again and to remind us of the color of hope and the miracle of beginning again in any season of our lives. By the light of the August moon, look for the miracle. Come to LIFE and Live In Full Expression, dancing with the light, the life and the love that lives at the center of our story of recreation. Connect to your essential story of life and soul-inspired living every day with these designs from the soul for the soul. All images are protected by US copyright and may not be used without written permission. Contact Dawn for licensing, custom illustration and product inquiries. 

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  • WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING ☼ Alterations Most True {Photo Print}
    WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING ☼ Alterations Most True Art Print Blue Ridge Parkway photograph by Virginia photographer Dawn Richerson 8x10
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