Stairway to Surrender Ireland Teapot Trivet Trivet New Dawn Studios

Stairway to Surrender Ireland Teapot Trivet

New Dawn Studios
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  • Teapot Trivet 
  • Black Wrought Iron
  • Art Printed on 6" x 6" Ceramic Tile
  • $10 Flat Rate Shipping to US Addresses

Makes a great housewarming gift or gift to welcome a new neighbor!


Use it on the table or countertop to place hot dishes, pots and pans and protect surfaces. Can also be hung for display. This teapot trivet featuring art from the Soul of Ireland collection connects you to daily presence to surrender and life and to the mystical heart of the Emerald Isle.

Connect to the joy and delight of being on the way with kitchen decor for soul-inspired living every day. 

STAIRWAY TO SURRENDER. Leaning into her life, she felt her soul soar upwards. It was as if she were being stretched and pulled along by a conveyer belt, swept up into a long surrender to meet the truth her heart already knew. The mystical mountain isle breathed its life into her and, though she walked alone up its steep staircase, she knew there were a thousand angels singing as she made the climb. Leaving all that was no longer needed behind, she was met with an eternal communion. Art Print

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Bring back joy and comfort for soul-inspired living every day