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You have an essential story of life and original ideas to share with the world. But walking the road to becoming an author can be overwhelming, even when you know the ropes. We're here to help you write, edit and publish Your Extraordinary Book!

Services Available through Your Extraordinary Book

I started Your Extraordinary Book because I have a heart for how challenging and crazy/fun being an author can be. I work with projects across the spectrum, from business books to lifestyle, from fiction to children's books, from organizational histories to art books. We've provided writing, editing, and publishing since 2012. Prior to that Dawn edited books for small online publishers and wrote all sorts of award-winning content.

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    Where to Start and What to Do First

      Start with a Soul & Strategy Call and a Book Seeds Packet with ideas for Your Extraordinary Book. This will give you a foundation and a roadmap, helping you to refine your ideas and focus on the book you are meant to write. 
      If you know you have several books in you and are ready to set the stage, connect for an Author Platform Map or a Book Content Map. These maps help you connect the threads between your "fine gifts of original design" and Your Extraordinary Book.
      Get Writing Help / Book Coaching. Or, if you have a manuscript ready to go, choose our Editing Package. Note: I only work with one or two book clients at a time and am sometimes booked in advance. Reach out to confirm availability.
      Put the finishing touches on your project with professional layout and interior design that helps your content sing. For projects that are a good fit and during specific timeframes, we may be able to offer custom publishing through our imprints: Art & Soul for artists and creative entrepreneurs and Storylight Press for children's books. We will possibly consider new authors for Lifeseeds Press in the future. Or we can help you set up your own imprint with our Imprint Setup package.
       Reach out here to discuss Your Extraordinary Book.

    At Your Extraordinary Book, our speciality is professional developmental editing that improves content organization, clarity and presentation. We can help with SOS—the systems, organization and structures that will bring your book to life and enhance your experience as an author.

    Contact Us for These Types of Projects

    • Nonfiction Books
    • Fiction Projects
    • Developmental Editing
    • Ghostwriting 
    • Custom Publishing
    • Author Platform Maps
    • Book Content Maps
    • Visual Content for Your Book
    • Core Curriculum Development
    • Signature Product Development
    • Interior Layout and Design
    • Press Kits and PR
    • Quick Fix Writing + Editing
    • Author Bios 

    Contact us to discuss your project. We'll learn a little more about you and your vision for your book and answer any questions. If we're a good fit to work together, Dawn will provide details on a customized package of services to bring your book to life.

    What People Say About Dawn & Your Extraordinary Book

    BOOK DEVELOPMENTDawn Helped Me Lay the Foundation to Write My Book. "So you have a truth, an awakening, an awareness that can truly change someone’s life, because what is within you is a gift the world and some specific somebody somewhere NEEDS. Would you agree?” Dawn posed this question during one of the sessions I had with her. The question hit my heart and really laid the first layer of the foundation for me to write my book. Dawn has the ability to sense the depth and intention of a person. She also has the right words to blast away any so-called ‘writers block’! She is non-intimidating, empathic, professional, and very warm. What an awesome book coach you are, Dawn! Please continue birthing writers! ☼ B.
    BOOK DEVELOPMENT. Bring Your Book to Life Go to Your Next Level. You are great to work with. You made writing an easy process. Thanks for helping me bring my book to life and get to my next level. ☼ Marilyn S.
    BOOK DEVELOPMENT / BOOK WRITING / BOOK EDITING. Working with Dawn Was a Great Learning Experience. You took my very rough draft and helped me create a wonderful manuscript. You made me show not tell. You made me describe my characters and explain to the reader what they were thinking. You corrected my grammar and punctuation. And you did so much more. Working with you was a great learning experience for me and a real joy. Thank you so much for your professional manner while editing my book. ☼ Alayne S. 
    BOOK MARKETING. Phenomenal Book Marketing Plan to Keep Me on Track. Dawn created a phenomenal book marketing plan that will definitely keep me on track and help me reach my goal of becoming a best-selling author! She is insightful, knowledgeable, and creative. I will definitely be using her other services. ☼ Samantha G. 
    PROPOSAL / BOOK WRITING /  BOOK EDITING. Helped Me Navigate Uncharted Waters of Book Publishing. Polished, professionalism, and peace of mind – are the three results I achieved working with Dawn. Dawn is brilliant at tweaking my unique concepts and thoughts into elegant, high-quality content for my book. She helped me navigate the uncharted waters of book writing and publishing and showed me how it can be fun and achievable! I’d highly recommend Dawn to any inspiring or seasoned writer. ☼ Sheri J.
    BOOK DEVELOPMENT /  BOOK EDITING / PUBLISHING / WEBSITE. Editing, Design, Publishing: A Positive, Pleasant, Professional. My training is in performance excellence and quality customer service, so I can say from experience that working with Ms. Richerson is a positive, pleasant, professional experience. I strongly recommend Dawn Richerson for editing, design, publishing and website creation services. ☼ David C. 
    BOOK EDITING. My Second Book: Celebrating Your Editor Magic! I am reviewing round one edits of my second book and celebrating my editor's magic and talents! Dawn, you are positively amazing. Thank you! ☼ Morgan F.
    BOOK DEVELOPMENTBOOK EDITING. Extremely Creative Author & Talented Editor. Dawn Richerson is an extremely creative author and editor. Dawn edited my first young adult novel, Ellen and the Three Predictions. She took my sometimes awkwardly-phrased manuscript and turned it into a novel I'm proud to have published. When I finished my second novel, I went back to Dawn for editing. Again, I'm so impressed with her work. She's magic! [Note: Ellen and the Three Predictions was a semi-finalist in the 2016 William Faulkner, William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. Alayne's second book, Educating Sadie, was a finalist for the 2018 competition!] ☼ A.S. 
    BOOK DEVELOPMENT / PUBLISHING. An Amazing Writing and Publishing Coach. Dawn is an amazing writing and publishing coach! She would ask questions that really expanded my thinking about who my audience would be, what I expected from publishing a book to strategies on how to sell. She covered all the critical points from start to finish in writing to publishing. I am very grateful to you Dawn for all your wisdom in creating my extraordinary book. ☼ Angela B.
    BOOK EDITING.Truly Talented Editor, Mind-blowingly Gifted. I must say that your work on this piece is so majestic. I am so incredibly grateful for you, and I’m so excited for my book. Honored and blessed to get to share this journey with you. ☼ M. F.

    Let's Get Started! Get in touch to schedule a complimentary call to discuss Your Extraordinary Book. I look forward to working with you!

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