ˈkriːdəʊ,ˈkreɪ-/ noun

a statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone’s actions

What’s a Credo and Why You Should Craft Your Own?

My credo is the singlemost important thing that has assisted me in all my creative endeavors, in my personal and professional choices in life, and in bringing forward my life’s work. I return to it again and again. It reminds me who I am and why I wake up and do what I do each day. It helps me to make the best decisions and to move forward with confidence and grace. 

This statement of belief, which I see as much broader and more integral to my core essence and experience than a mission statement or even a vision, has guided my life and my life’s work for more than a decade now. I share an example in the video below. This is full version of my own credo, which uses the legal name of my business, Creative Revolutions Inc., founded in 1997.



Are You Ready to Craft YOUR Credo and Expand Radiantly in Your Life and Life’s Work?

I’ll guide you through the process in this workshop, which will require a couple of hours of your time.


Included in This Soul Streams Workshop—

  • Workshop Videos on the value of a credo and how to craft your own statement of belief 
  • Downloadable PDF worksheet for easy reference
  • Soul Activation Questions to help you get clear about what matters most to you and why it matters
  • Ideas for Using Your Credo to come more fully to your life and live in full expression 

The investment is just $12.12 for immediate and lifetime access. You will be redirected to the journey page upon purchase. I’ll meet you there!