What Happened on Their Way Teapot Trivet Trivet New Dawn Studios

What Happened on Their Way Teapot Trivet

New Dawn Studios
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  • Teapot Trivet
  • Black Wrought Iron
  • Art Printed on 6" x 6" Ceramic Tile
  • $10 Flat Rate Shipping to US Addresses 

Makes a great housewarming gift or gift to welcome a new neighbor!


Use your teapot trivet on the table or countertop to hold hot dishes, pots and pans. Helps protect kitchen and dining surfaces. Can also be hung for display. This teapot trivet featuring art from the Spirited Life collection connects you to the stories we create together day by day and the joy of being on the way.

Connect to your essential story of life with kitchen decor for soul-inspired living every day. 

WHAT HAPPENED ON THEIR WAY TO LOVE. This painting explores all the shifts in belief and attitude the two found along their winding way back to love. Only with the release of all the layers could they have come to the pure essence of a love that was bold and beautiful, unbound by all the stories they had lived thus far. They were formed and reformed, transformed and shaped by life. Free from all that had fixed them to lesser stories, they flew fast to one another. Art Print
The LIFE @Home Collection from New Dawn Studios
Bring back joy and comfort for soul-inspired living every day