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Writing Help for Your Extraordinary Book {Services}

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Package shown is for 10-12 hours or writing or rewriting services with some book coaching if desired. If you have a completed manuscript, choose the Editing Package. Contact Dawn for custom pricing if you need editing or publishing help or require significant writing assistance. 

Writing Help from Dawn and Your Extraordinary Book...

Prepare a top-notch book to pitch your manuscript to a mainstream publisher, take the heavy writing and rewriting off your plate or get your manuscript in shape to publish with Your Extraordinary Book. We can help you put the shine on an existing manuscript or assist with rewrites according to a publisher's specifications.

The easiest way to work with us is to purchase a writing block, which can include some book coaching. Dawn has written more than 14 of her own books and dozens of books for other authors. She is an accomplished writer who works fast. 

Reach out for a complimentary conversation about your project or to confirm details if you are not certain what you need. If you purchase without a consultation, Dawn will provide up to 12 hours of content creation, writing or rewriting services.

Ghostwriting and Content Development Projects...

If you're at square one (have not written a word!) and want a partner all the way (meaning writing is just not your thing at all)—ask us about ghostwriting. We are your silent partner and all the credit goes to you! We also offer complete book development and project management for custom publishing and special book projects, such as corporate histories.

Please note that complete ghostwriting packages for an entire book require a significant investment. We have worked on book development projects that have ranged from $5,000 to $40,000. This rate can include some research. Please set up a time to discuss your project if you are starting from scratch.

About Your Extraordinary Book...

Dawn has been providing soulful, strategic support and writing help to bring your book to life since 2012 and working as a writer and editor since 1997. She has partnered with online publishers, helped authors pitch books to mainstream publishers, and provided professional editing services for authors across all genres.