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    and Your Particular Play of Light

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    and Your Grace-filled and Unique
    Revolution of Love


If you are interested in a 1:1 coaching and mentoring through 1-day or 1/2-day Your Essential Day Retreat and/or 6-Month Soulful Life, Soulful Business Coaching to explore your path to full expression and soul-inspired living every day, read this page first. Then...

Let's connect for a complimentary conversation!

Use the button above to schedule a conversation. Or feel free to send me a note here. Tell me a bit about where you are and what you are hoping to create or how you'd like to move forward. I'll be in touch to schedule a no-obligation connection.

Want to start simple? Connect here for a Soul & Strategy Session.

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6-Month Soulful Life,
Soulful Business Mentorship 

"Dawn Held Space for My Authentic Self and Transformation. When I originally reached out to Dawn for her help in creating a website that reflected my truth, my essence, and how I show up in the world, I had done a lot of inner work. I felt fairly confident about myself and how I wanted to be in service to the world as a person and in my roles of coach and consultant.
     What I did not know at the time was that I was connecting with someone so connected with her own truth and creativity that she would inspire my own continuing transformation. So began my journey with Dawn on a six-month Soulful Life, Soulful Business mentorship and path of discovery of myself.
     Dawn walked with me, supporting me all the way. She held space for my curiosity as I excitedly took off and explored the many, many interesting side-paths along the way. She delighted in my excitement and encouraged me to explore fully whatever fascinated me in the moment. My imagination ran wild with the unlimited possibilities that lay before me. The more excited I became, the more possibilities emerged until I was reeling. 
     The journey was not all filled with delight, however, as along the way I took some turns and encountered parts of me that were scary and made me run to the safety of my little girl self that cowered in fear of the unknown, only peering out a small window to see glimpses of a larger world outside.
     Rather than shelter me from those scary places and unknown parts of myself, Dawn patiently held space for me to explore those and become more aware and appreciative of the whole of who I AM. My journey with Dawn led me to the center of myself where I could see more clearly my own truth. The journey has now brought me back home to my self.
     Rather than going off into new territory to start new and exciting business products and services, I’m back where my heart has been all along—with the coaching and consulting work I was already doing! Now I am engaged in those services with renewed passion and inspiration. New and exciting possibilities for my work unfold each day. I’ve returned home to myself with deepened awareness and gratitude for who I AM. I am now stepping out into the world as my true and authentic self.
    Thank you, Dawn, for the journey, your loving support along the way." ☼ E.W.

Your Essential Day with Dawn Retreat 
(Virtual or In-Person)

"My Essential Day—One of the Most Wonderful Gifts I Have Ever Received. Dawn, this is one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received my entire 60 years of life on earth. What a blessing you have been for me. Everything you have coached me on has been such a gift to my soul. I love the letter and all the attachments I received after my Essential Day, too! Thank you. ☼ A.V.