Soul Shower Blessing — An Offering of Prayer

Through the years, I have come to realize that my most powerful spiritual gift is the gift of my presence. This gift is amplified when I devote my full being through a state of prayer and the use of my natural and God-given soul gifts in that state of prayer. I am bringing together a particular expressions of this gift of presence to offer something I have come to call a Soul Shower Blessing.

Soul Shower Blessings open up a space for deeper healing, clarity and soul activation and the receiving of a message from the divine realms meant specifically for your soul at this time. Each one is unique and brought forth through me from Spirit and tuned to connect you to and further activate your soul’s truth and radiance for whatever is next for your soul’s journey.


Remembering the Song of Your Soul

I believe when we awaken the worlds within, we are able to find our forward flow and embrace a new vision for our life and life’s work. The key is to remember the song of your soul and to heal deep soul wounds that prevent you from moving forward as your most authentic self. While the remembering process unfolds in its own time in each individual’s life, a Soul Shower Blessing can assist you in opening the song of your soul and accelerate that remembering process.

It is my intention that these Soul Shower Blessings bring you greater awareness of and connection to your whole self and your soul self. You are already whole, and now is the time to reconnect to your essential self, journey, and truth. This can only happen from the inside out. Yet, so many of us have become so disconnected from that pure stream of knowing that runs like a river through our souls and so encumbered with outer situations that we don’t know where to begin.

Begin with presence, through prayer or tears, through silence or speaking your truth. Begin where you are, as you are.

In using my own soul gifts and offering these blessings, my heart’s desire is to meet you in that space, in spirit, to bear witness to your process from within the space of my own inner sanctuary. There, I will come before God and ask for God’s blessings to pour upon your life. I will offer the gift of my presence and focused intent. I will ask Spirit to give you the message your soul most needs to receive. To amplify this further, I invite you to take 30 minutes to bring your own presence, in silent or in spoken prayer, to the pouring out of Spirit upon your life. It is not necessary that this be done at the same time I am bringing my awareness to your soul. This further demonstrates your own commitment and surrender to the work of God in your life. 


My Soul Shower Blessing Story

My journey through this life has been one of complete mystery with all things practical and inner clarity that the presence of God was with me and, somehow, an irrepressible belief in faith. Since I was a young child, I have spoken what is commonly called “speaking in tongues,” or “light language,” depending on the circles with which one is affiliated. I almost always spoke this in secret, to myself, as I intuitively understood it would not be understood. I prefer to call it “soul song” or “the language of life and Spirit”Whatever one calls it, it is the flow of Spirit through my soul, and it is to me a cleansing and a purification. Thus, I have at times called it my “soul shower” gift.

For most of my childhood and teen years and well into my 20s, I kept it under lock and key, terrified I would be condemned for it or carted off to a shrink. It slipped from me a few times in various settings, particularly during a time in my life which was my long “dark night of the soul.” I sometimes explained it away or laughed it off. Then, one night in 2011 or 2012 I believe, for no clear reason I can connect to something here and now, I went very, very deep and began singing to myself in a language I did not know. It was spontaneous and, while likely prompted by emotional pain, clearly not of me but rather flowing through me from deep within or on high. It felt extremely pure in its vibration.

Dawn RichersonWhile my soul had been deeply longing for resolution for years and there was some measure of stress in my environment, nothing here and now would seem to have brought this on.

I sang for hours through deep sobs and tears, and nothing my husband then (and good friend now) said to me would bring me back. The song sounded like a mix of a mournful Jewish folk song and Gypsy celebration to me, though my husband who had studied French picked up on some words that apparently had the flavor of French. I have not been able to replicate the song and, as anyone who encountered me on my visits to the South of France knows, I have zero mastery of the language despite my best efforts. 

When I look back at the sweep of the last five years in my life, I see that somehow, deep within, through this song my soul remembered, my soul was coming to life and doing for me what I could not. The inner healing that occurred within me allowed me, I now believe, to feel more secure and to begin, slowly, to emerge as the authentic self I had always known but been terrified to share. When I had been my most authentic, everything seemed to have been seized from my life, and this had left me confused and believing a lie that who I was somehow in-valid, inappropriate, not welcome here.

This extended showering of a soul song from me to me, while inexplicable in human terms, provided a nourishment for which my soul had been crying out. After this time, I allowed myself to give this gift to me whenever I felt led. I also began to incorporate it into my heartfelt prayers for others when Spirit led me to do so, all still in private. I understood this was an essential gift, given to me by God, and I no longer judged myself for having it.  

This soul language is as natural a thing as writing or speaking in English to me. It has brought me back into harmony through soothing comfort at times and through correction or an energetic expression my soul wished to make known to me for which my mind had no words. There is no question in my heart, mind or spirit that this is the gift of God.

I had no specific plans to use this gift with others; however, through a sequence of synchronistic events in April 2017, I was led to see the gift this offered to others an urged by Spirit to offer focused prayer and blessing to others and not keep it to myself. And so I created the Soul Shower Blessing, a new and very sacred offering I am introducing today. Below you will find a description of this offering and details on requesting your blessing and a message that will support you as you grow your soul and share your soul gifts. 


Sample Soul Shower Blessing

There are a variety of soul shower blessing “languages” that come through me. Some are soft and soothing, others fast-moving, direct and conveyed with power or conviction. Some may come through as song or bits of song. Others will simply be sounds and syllables. On occasion I am guided to include drumming, clapping or chants. What comes through is given by Spirit according to the situation or need. 

While I sometimes feel a particular energy (clearing, comfort, peace, assurance, etc.), I am not always privy to the specifics. Where I am guided to share an interpretation or additional guidance, I will do so briefly. When I recorded the above blessing, I opened my heart to Spirit with the clear intention of sharing a general blessing for all who watched this video to receive the vibration of gentle encouragement to support the flow of love through the heart space. 


How It Works and What You Receive with Your Blessing

I sit in focused prayer and hold the space with the intention of allowing God’s grace and message to flow through me with a specific activation or message for your soul.  Upon hearing their blessing, people report experiencing a reconnection to their soul essence and the activation of spiritual gifts and even a level of peace and healing, a peace and knowing beyond understanding.

I will send a recording of your blessing, which should be downloaded within 7 days. I encourage you to return to the blessing in the future to continue to receive more layers from the blessing, which often includes potent activations and layers of a light-encoded transmission meant to support your soul’s growth and your spiritual evolution.

When I am allowing this blessing to flow through me — I am merely the conduit for God’s communication — I often receive impressions, hear sounds or see a “scene” or specific visuals. If you would like for me to share these impressions, I will do so by adding a brief interlude of three chimes or a drumbeat at the close of your Soul Shower Blessing and then transition to my voice speaking about what I experienced.


How Others Experience the Soul Shower Blessing

Soul Shower Blessings from Dawn

I found my Soul Shower Blessing to be an experience like none other! I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by a deeply peaceful and penetrating conversation with my Soul. I could feel the intensity and clarity as evidenced in my bodily sensations and reactions. It felt like an initiation of sorts and it felt relevant to my presence here! I am deeply grateful for and appreciate your gifts. Thank you for a most memorable share of which I will treasure and listen to as needed with your recording! ~ K *

I immediately felt a sense of comfort, confirmation, and completion of a very long journey. Thank you so much for the incredible depth and detail you went into when sharing what you saw, felt, and experienced. All of the imagery made complete sense to me. Your intuitive gifts are truly amazing! I found your guidance to be astonishingly accurate and quite confirming. I am consciously aware of much of what you said but have not yet experienced that moment of transformation from pure intuition to a state of divine knowing and experience. ~ *

Such a deep and sacred gift. Thank you! ~ N *

I found myself really sinking into a deeper harmony with my heart and soul almost without thinking about what was happening. I was taken somewhere really beautiful. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you so much! ~ D *

* Because this is a highly personal, sacred offering, only first initials are used.


How to Order Your Soul Shower Blessing

Your Soul Shower Blessing includes my sacred witness to you and your soul and a recorded soul shower blessing, usually 3 to 10 minutes in length. I am grateful to be able to share these blessings with you and offer the following options. In both cases you receive a downloadable audio file, available for you to save to your personal device. It is important that you download the audio as I will only keep the file active on my end for a period of 7 to 10 days. 


OPTION 1 To receive your Soul Shower Blessing, send a gift of $33.33* to [note that I use my business name / legal entity “Creative Revolutions” to receive funds via this account].


OPTION 2 To also receive your Soul Shower Blessing plus my own understanding of the message based on what I am shown, hear, or what impressions I receive, the suggested value exchange is $111.11.* Send this amount to When you send your value exchange, please ensure you have access to the e-mail through which you pay. This is where I will send your blessing. Contact me here if needed.


* If you are not able to offer a value exchange in the suggested amount and wish to receive a Soul Shower Blessing, please make simply a gift in any amount at this link, then e-mail me with the subject heading “Soul Shower Blessing” and I will gratefully receive your gift and share a Soul Shower Blessing with you. If you would prefer to receive an invoice for your records, simply e-mail me and I will send an invoice payable online.

It is my deep honor to share this gift with you.