Sacred Partnership: Radical Redefinition of Relationship

Happy Summer Solstice!

Through the years I have had the opportunity to redefine my relationship to June in general and, more specifically, to the Summer Solstice and its various other connections for me personally. This year feels like the ultimate culmination in some ways in that regard as it coincides with the release of the online version of my new book, Sacred Partnership: 7 Pillars for the Radical Redefinition of Relationship


This new book is from the Flourishing Humanity Collection / Collective Pathways Series. The book explores 7 key questions about sacred partnership and introduces "7 pillars for the radical redefinition of relationship" based on my ongoing conversations with Jesus on the topic of love, partnership, and sacred union.

NOTE: Right. Those of you who know me might be going, what the....??? Why is she writing about this. Trust me, I'm way ahead of you there. I am far, far from an expert on relationships—unless you count my tendency to resist them ;). But, as I share in the introduction to the book, I was clearly and definitively guided to take notes and to share this publicly, despite my pleas and protestations. I have come to a place of peace about this and many other things in my life, however.  

This Sacred Partnership Book Is for You

While my own journey to love has never gone according to my plan, I know God works for good in every situation. I feel that more than ever. So, whether you walk solo at this point on your journey or are in a current love relationship, whether you feel a definitive calling to the path of sacred partnership / sacred union or whether you are just curious about what Jesus had to say to me about relationships and the seven pillars, take a look at the new book on sacred partnership.  


1. Honoring the Third Thing 

2. Walking in the Way of Wholeness

3. Understanding Radiant Expansion

4. Mirroring and Accelerated Soul Growth

5. Embodying Sacred Witness through Soulful Creativity 

6. Embodying Sacred Service through Soulful Contribution

7. Embodying Sacred Restoration through Soulful Community

I also explore seven questions I had, which is what led me to begin this ongoing series of conversations with Jesus about love and relationship. We're going on year three of somewhat regular and consistent conversations and this book is a compilation on what I have received so far.  

May we all know the love we are and embody the highest, purest attributes of love every day. If I know one thing it is that the world has never needed this more. 

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