HELLO AND WELCOME! I'm Dawn, artist & author inspired by the soul of place, the life of nature & the nature of life.

Dawn in Barcelona * Daring Adventures With the New

I believe we are here to experience life and life to the full. My art flows from my personal dedication to supporting individual and, ultimately, collective transformation through a reconnection to the essential self, journey, and truth—
to the light, the life, and the love we are at our core. 

In my life’s journey, I have found that the key to a soul-inspired life of greater joy and fulfillment is to connect with the heart of who you are—the heart whose meaning has all too often been forgotten. In the post-modern world, far too many of our moments are stripped of the magical, the mythical, the mystical. We are disconnected from the natural world and from our own true nature.

We do not have to live in a self-imposed world devoid of wonder. This synthetic world is not reality. The true reality is a Realm of Radiance, where all things come to life, where there are designs for life hidden in plain sight and patterns of potential for a whole new you and a whole new way forward together. It’s soul simple, yet layered with intricacy and a higher harmonic. These ideas are at the heart of my life journey and my experience as an artist.

My paintings explore the life of nature and the life of nature. I see each painting as an invitation to octaves of experience and the fullness of life. From sweeping landscapes that offer interpretations of the soul of place to abstract and contemporary nature paintings that reveal opportunities to reclaim our sense of wonder, my art resonates most with those with a desire to connect to the story of life alive inside, the heartbeat of creation, and soul-inspired living every day.

On the Way - Books by Dawn Richerson

My life and work are informed by the journey we are making together. The quote to the left is from my book, Journey to the Heartland, a spiritual memoir which traces experiences on a month-long journey to follow my desire for life. 


Where in the World Is Dawn? Soul Explorer, Nature Girl

Maybe it was moving every few years as I was growing up. Maybe it was the story of life alive in me. Or the way I see life as adventure. A soul explorer most at home in nature, I lived in Ireland for 3 years, then explored the soul of place in France and England before heading off to America's beautiful national parks and sites from sea to shining sea.

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More recently, you might find me wandering in a quiet wood along the Blue Ridge Parkway or communing with the higher harmonic alive with the soul of nature. Exploration of both inner and outer worlds are at the heart of who I am. Both lead me back to life, where we are, always, lost in beauty and found in love. In my art and writing, I hope you sense something of the wonder I have found along the way. 

Thank you for being a part of my world.

May you, too, be lost in beauty and found in love. 

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I'll meet you on the way!
Dawn Richerson • Art, Design, Photography for Soul-inspired Living Every Day!  

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