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I'm so happy to meet you! I'm Dawn, a Virginia artist with a love of the land and new experiences. My life and art are inspired by the soul of place, the natural world and the story of this life unfolding all around us—and within us. 

Dawn in Barcelona * Daring Adventures With the New

I create as I go
 and my primary commitment is to living an art & soul life and sharing inspiration that supports you to do the same. Every paintingdesign and photograph, every book, essay or poem is a sacred invitation to soul-inspired living. Check out the studio links above to shop wall art and new products featuring my art. ☼ PORTFOLIO  CONTACT INSTAGRAM

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We are here for the experience of life itself. That's what I know for sure. My life and work are informed by the journey we are making together. The quote above is from my spiritual memoir, Journey to the Heartland, which traces my experiences on the way when I took a month-long journey to follow my thirst for life and the desire for it. That's what I hope my art and designs do for you: connect you to your essential story of life and the desire for life alive in you!

Where in the World Is Dawn? Why does she wear funny hats?

Maybe it was moving every two years during my growing up years. Maybe it was the larger-than-life story that was alive in me. Or the way I see life as an adventure. Whichever it is, I love to be on the way! The photo above was taken in Barcelona. I'm in my Irish wool sweater and silly hat because they make me happy!!. I explored Spain, France and later England after living in Ireland. Before catching a flight stateside. I stopped to take a quick snap of me in the glass window because... 

      Well, why not? I hope you find joy in the moments, too!

Dawn hiking at Glacier National ParkI spent 5 years in wander-wonder mode, exploring the heart of America, particularly national parks and the Southwest, then haded north to Glacier in Montana (that's sunburned me after a glorious hike). Wow, what a day! Silly hats, like slightly off-kilter whimsical doodles and designs, are my signature style ;) The soul of the places I visited connected me to what was alive in me and I started painting to share the wonder and mystery I found on the way.

      What brings you to life? What is alive in you?

Wonder. Mystery. Grace. These are the things that make me fall in love with life.

So many things inspire me, especially the wonder and beauty hidden in plain sight. And how funny we travelers are about the little moments of joy that come from the grace that rises up to meet us on the way. I am grateful for my art and soul life, filled with soul-inspired living every day and hope you connect with what is alive in you through the art & soul gifts available through New Dawn Studios. 

I'll meet you on the way,  
Dawn Richerson  

P.S. You can see more of my work at my portfolio. Reach out if you'd like to commission a painting or design.

All the Extra Stuff... I'll meet you on the way!

Dogsitting Petsitting Housesitting Reviews and RecommendationsP.S. Woof. Woof. Did I mention that I love animals? I travel the world, creating art and exploring nearby nature and culture, following the call of my wild soul. Along the way, I offer housesitting and petsitting. I've cared for dogs and cats; chickens, donkeys and geese; geckos, hamsters and guinea pigs. I have profound love and gratitude for all the furry friends I've met along the way. And the humans too! Reach out to discuss a stay in your neck of the woods.
P.P.S. If you have landed here and are looking for "writerdawn," learn more about writing and editing services, visit Your Extraordinary Book or find me on Upwork. I've been writing my whole life and my writing supports my art and soul life. Note that communications consulting and writing services are provided as my schedule allows. If you'd like to connect professionally, LinkedIn is the best place to do that if we've met or have aligned interests. You may also use the contact form on this site to reach out! I look forward to connecting with you and talking about supporting you on your project!