Hello and welcome! I'm Dawn. My life and art are an invitation to soul-inspired living every day. 

Welcome Dawn Richerson

Life is about the experience of being on the way. There's so much beauty, hidden in plain sight. 



👩🏻‍🎨 Art. 🌻 Soul. 🌱Life. These are the threads that are woven into all my creations, which I think of as mini soul stories. I share them to connect you to your essential story of life. Let's go for a walk in the woods! Then, we'll gather beneath the stars each month to share soul stories and celebrate the wonder and beauty of this life.


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LIFE {on the way}  Everything I do is about walking in the way of my life, which leads me into freedom and back to life. I'm an explorer at heart and share what I discover along the way. My greatest joy is to be on the way with you and share the journey.

Only fly for freedom.
That's my mantra for soul-inspired living every day and a free-spirited approach to life and work means so much to me!

    {from the soul for the soul} 
     The creative offerings {art, design, photos, books, poems} you'll find here support you as you expand radiantly from within in life and life's work. I'm a writer, so the power of story has always been at the heart of who I am and what I do. It's the soul story that matters most to me and all the ways that connects us to life.

    Connect to your soul's story. Lean in to it. Live it! Love it!! I hope everything I create connects you back to YOU and #whatmattersmost.


    SERVICE • The umbrella for all my work is Creative Revolutions, the company I founded in 1997. I offer support that is soulful and strategic, supporting fellow visionaries. Please get in touch to discuss your project. See what others experience, read our Credo or connect on LinkedIn

    Here's to you and your creative revolutions! Ready? Let's go!! Let me know what's on your heart and how I can help.

    Where in the World Is Dawn? And How I Make It Work

    Dawn in Barcelona * Daring Adventures With the New

    This is me in Barcelona in 2016, wandering around in my Irish wool sweater and silly hat, because I had hopped on the plane to France and later England after a few years in Ireland. I've got the suitcase with me as I was catching a flight back stateside in a few hours. I stopped to take a quick snap of me in the glass window because... Well, why not?

    Here's how I made this life work for me... I know it seems silly, but a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do and this was the way that opened up. So I stepped in, and I'm happy I did. Whenever I can I share blog posts on the soul of place and scenes from this spirited life along the way. 

    These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

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