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My life and my art are inspired by the journey we are making, by the soul of place and by the story of life unfolding all around us—and within us.

 paintingdesign, photograph, book and journey I create and share is an invitation to soul-inspired living every day. Connect to the wonder and mystery of your life and come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression in your art and soul life. 

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About Dawn Richerson

ART. SOUL. LIFE. This is the heart of everything for me. It's why I believe we're here: for the experience of life itself. I am an explorer at heart and I hope to inspire you through my art, design, photography, books, poems and journeys from the soul for the soul.


Where in the World Is Dawn? Why does she wear funny hats?

Maybe it was moving every two years during my growing up years. Maybe it was the larger-than-life story that has always lived inside my soul. Or the way I see life as an adventure of discovery. Whatever the reason, I love to explore and to be on the way! The photo above is in Barcelona in 2016, wandering around in my Irish wool sweater and silly hat (because it makes me happy!!). I explored Spain, France and later England after living in Ireland. I was catching a flight stateside in a few hours and stopped to take a quick snap of me in the glass window because... 

Well, why not?

Dawn hiking at Glacier National ParkI also spent a few years exploring the heart of America, particularly national parks and the enchanted spirit of the Southwest. The picture at right is at Glacier in Montana. Wow, what a day! Whenever I have the time, I share blog posts on the soul of place and thoughts on the way through photos, videos and photo journeys. And silly hats, just like my soulful and sometimes whimsical designs, are my signature style ;)

Wonder. Mystery. Grace. These are the things that make me fall in love with life.


There are so many things that inspire me, most especially the wonder and beauty hidden in plain sight. And how funny we travelers are about the little moments of joy that come from the grace that rises up to meet us on the way. This is my life and as much as possible I'm making it an art and soul life filled with soul-inspired living every day!

I'll meet you on the way, 
Dawn Richerson

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P.S. Woof. Woof. Did I mention that I love animals? I travel the world, creating art and taking photos, exploring nearby nature and culture, following the call of my wild soul to come to life and live in full expression. With profound love and thanks for all the furry friends I've met along the way. And the humans too! Be sure you're on my email list for the latest from me and New Dawn Studios. Subscribe from the footer below. Contact me here.