Walking in the Way of Wholeness: Vision of the 3 Horses, a New Society


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2020-2027 7 Gates of Change Passage to a New Society

Vision of the Three Horses • At Sunset We Ride Painting

SOUL STORY. In January of 2015, I wrote a poem called “Unbridled,” having seen a clear vision of a time of a world defined by freedom, truth, and beauty. Then, in June of 2016, on a creative retreat in the New Mexico desert, I painted a vision of three horses who had begun their ride. The painting was inspired by a growing sense that something urgent was being unleashed in our world—something that was yet to come into its fullness.

The next morning I awoke with a threefold vision for a new society. Three years later, as we made the turn into 2020, I would receive even more clarity about the 7-year passage we are making into a new society.

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