The Nature of Change: Saying Yes to the New in Life & Art

The soul has many journeys, many stories, many seasons in the sun. Even in the course of our lifespan, the nature of life is that change is inevitable.

I am in a season of change in my life and in my art. I am in that uncomfortable place of in between. As I await the opening of the next chapter, I am exploring who I am now and how I can bring more of that into my art practice. 

Presence to Possibility: Intuition and Observation

One of the best things to do in times of change, whether in our life or in our art, is just to be with it—to be present and become the observer. Allow the old to fall away. Allow the new to emerge. Don't get too attached to what it means.

When I set out to envision what was next in my art and life, I worked, as I often do, intuitively. I collected images that spoke to me in a deep way. Here's the inspiration board that resulted from my visioning:

Constant Flow: Going with Change

The nature of change is that it is constant, but that does not mean it is fixed. There are periods of change that are an acceleration, sometimes by steady increase and other times with a sudden jolt or bolt forward. One of the things I've discovered is that things go better when I go with the flow of change. Fighting against the current or seeking to swim upstream doesn't often end well. 

What's really beautiful is that I've discovered in the letting go and allowing, new insights come naturally. Something I've never really "thought about" shows up on the page.

When I did my vision board with very little thinking, I could easily see that I had two strong interests at present: movement in the natural world and the idea of well, the structure of change and cycles of growth. 

I don't yet know how or even if I will bring these two ideas together in my art, but I do know that the journey is taking me somewhere. And that, in and of itself, is inspiring me. Even though I am definitely still in that "waiting place," I know the life is there to fuel my art. The ideas are percolating. I am being informed by the waters of change and I will emerge as someone changed.

The change itself will inform my perspective, perhaps the things I am drawn to explore more deeply, and the art I create. The process of change isn't always easy, but it is always rich and fertile ground from which something beautiful can emerge. The seed hasn't sprouted yet but I am beginning to feel the sun shining within and I'm excited to return to the studio, wherever that will be, and bring forward new paintings from the soul for the soul. 

How do you approach change in your life and art?



PS: I've put the store on pause for a few months. Please reach out directly if you are interested in an original painting or art print. I'll be sharing posts on this Journal page as things unfold and you can contact me here anytime. 





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