Life Poured Out: Creative Flow, Gift of Grace You Are

A life poured out...

That's the topic of this blog post on the creative LIFE and how we Live In Full Expression by being present to the gift and the Giver who has entrusted it to us.

Are you trying to control the flow of creativity? Do you say to yourself, "If only I could get the stars to line up so I could share all that's in my heart in a way that makes sense?" 

I know I do. All. the. time. Again and again, I have faced the challenge of feeling as if I have lost control of my creative gifts and that it wasn't flowing at the pace or in the direction that I thought it should.

Here's an audio I recorded today to share with you on this topic.

Other people have said much the same to me. But recently God has shown me that, while at times I might benefit from a clearer focus and ample resources, the truth is this is not the case at all. It felt like a life poured out and something lost.

And it was a life poured out, but therein lies the blessing.

I came to understand that my being the vessel through which these gifts were expressed was the gift and there was an inexhaustible supply of grace so long as I allowed the flow of LIFE and continued to Living In Full Expression.

What's more I was missing the deepest, truest gift of all, which was my own presence to the fine gifts of original design entrusted to me.

It's easy to become attached to HOW it should look and what response will indicate "success." But, the truth is, we are called only to offer the gifts we have been given to the world.

You are a sacred chalice, a vessel for God's grace, meant to be a channel of blessing by sharing the whole of who you are.

Sacred Chalice Soul of England Painting by Dawn Richerson

If you are desiring a deeper reconnection to your own "fine gifts of original design," contact me about a Soul Gifts Map. This week, see yourself as a sacred chalice poured out as a love offering for the world. Just let who you are flow forth as blessing and celebrate the movement of the Spirit in your life.

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