Three Amigos in Donegal: Holy Moments Hanging in the Balance

I came across three horses huddled in the cold rain on a rambling drive through County Donegal in the west of Ireland. The trio of equine friends stood shoulder to shoulder, staring at me as if they were trying to tell me something of the haggard life they had lived and all the holy moments that hung in the balance between us.

Three Amigos Horse Painting Soul of Ireland Irish Horses Dawn Richerson Art Oil Painting

I dubbed them the “three amigos” and paid tribute to their steadfast loyalty to the spirit of Donegal by memorializing them in paint. I still shiver when I remember my communion with them at the edge of the fence that day. So much passed between us. It was magical, mystical, mythical—a sacred gift, a holy moment, a passage.

One for all. All for one. That’s how I want to move through life. Are you with me? This is what they seemed to say with their piercing gaze in the still of the moment. The rain hardly mattered. This was the message that hung in the balance and rises up now to meet us on our way. Love and only love will lead us on.

The three amigos spoke to me of the gathering times ahead, where we would come together in new ways. Not long after this encounter, Spirit met me one day on a walk in the woods and gave me 33 "essential qualities" that are practical actions for this time. You can find them in the book and journey Birds of a Feather.

The seed of what I share in this book was planted that day through these beautiful equine souls. I have a sense there are many holy moments ahead that will come, like this one with my three amigos, in unexpected ways.

I'm delighted to share that this original oil painting from my Donegal Days Series in the Soul of Ireland collection has been accepted into a juried art show. Most originals from the expanding Soul of Ireland collection are now framed and available, so just reach out if one interests you and enjoy the art prints, available framed and unframed. 

These three friends remind me of my beloved Ireland, too, where I lived for 18 months while caring for furry friends. This summer, I'm on to new adventures from coast to coast in the US and abroad (stay tuned to see where in the world Dawn will be ;). I will pop in from time to time with a few updates. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Until we meet again, savor all the holy moments hanging in the balance. And walk in the way of love.

All for One, One for All,
Dawn Richerson

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