Chilly Reception ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Art Print} Art Print New Dawn Studios

CHILLY RECEPTION ☼ Soul of Ireland Painting {Art Print}

New Dawn Studios
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  • Art print with with 1/2" white border
  • Printed with archival inks on sustainably sourced paper
  • Frame: 1-1/2" French teal frame, frame detail

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A Soul Story from Dawn

Upon their arrival in the wooded glen that Spring, they were met with a flying frost and the sting of wintry spirits hovering. Bewildered by the season’s chilly reception, they shivered, shaking off the dust of dreams they seem to have brought with them into their rebirth here in the dark wood. Inspired by the Fuschia flower, which in Irish Gaelic is called “Deora De,” meaning “Tears of God.”

In the heart of the Emerald Isle I was met with mystery and miracle. The soul of Ireland spoke to my soul, and I was forever changed. Connect to your essential story of life through inspiring Irish landscapes in the Soul of Ireland Collection

What is your essential story of life?
What is alive in you?

I hope this painting has sparked a reconnection and remembrance for you today. I believe there is beauty to be found right here, right now, all around you and right there within you.

I'll meet you on the way!