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True Treasure: All Things Gold and Green ☼ Magdalen Painting {Art Print} Art Print New Dawn Studios

TRUE TREASURE {All Things Gold & Green} ☼ Magdalen Painting {Art Print}

New Dawn Studios
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  • Art print with with 1/2" white border 
  • Printed with archival inks on sustainably sourced paper
  • Frame: 1-1/2" charcoal black frame, frame detail

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True Treasure Magdalen Series Painting Pastel Dawn Richerson 

A Soul Story from Dawn 

True Treasure portrays a young girl who carries in her heart recollections of The Teacher and how he brought her back to life once upon a time. The memories are strange but always shimmer gold and green and are all that's true within her heart. She is not certain what to do or where to go. A strange grief is palpable.

There is a sorrow etched in the lines of her face and her eyes, green with flecks of gold. Somewhere deep inside, she knows the joy  is waiting to burst forth. She knows she holds this treasure in a reliquary, knowing the true treasure is her heart. ("But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us." 2 Corinthians 4:7).

But it feels so far away and long ago. She remembers so many cycles through time when the treasure has slipped from her frail hands and spilled out like a senseless river. She does not know if she has the strength to speak of it much less make sense of it here. Weary, she wanders. Yet ever growing in her are all the memories of life. Green and gold, they always bring her back to the days when she did not walk alone.

This a pastel sketch was inspired by all my soul remembers and by all things that come to life here and now. I have included it in series 1 (The Life Before) of the Magda series of paintings as it is connected for me. 

What is your essential story of life?
What is alive in you?

I hope this painting has sparked a reconnection and remembrance for you today. I believe there is beauty to be found right here, right now, all around you and right there within you.

I'll meet you on the way!  

ABOUT THE MAGDA SERIES. These are the stories that have lived in my heart and soul for the whole of my life. They are glimpses of one whom many remember and honor—the one known as Magdalen or Mary Magdalene. I call her Magda. Her story is alive in me and always leads me back to life and life to the full.

There are four series within this series: