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THE MESSAGES COLLECTION. Modern, minimalist designs that explore our collective passage to a new society and a new era, rich in love. Messages designs relate to our present opportunity to become receptacles for the seed messages planted (by us, for us?) once upon a time. Upon inception, there is the right of first refusal, followed by a time of reordering. Then, the creative impulse emerges as do new energetic perspectives. In due time, the 12 diamond dimensions are integrated and a new structure for society. These designs are from the larger Soul of Society Collection. They are intuitive interpretations of a time in our shared, collective journey that is being defined by the radical reclamation and radiant realization of who we are together. Design prints are high-quality (giclée) reproductions printed with archival inks on sustainably-sourced fine art papers. All artwork is protected by US copyright and may not be used without written permission. Contact Dawn for licensing, custom illustration and product requests.

⚜️Messages Series: Right of First RefusalRe: OrderCreative ImpulseDiamond DimensionsEnergetic Perspectives.

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