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That You Might Have Life ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament
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That You Might Have Life ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament

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  • 4.175x5 inch, printed on both sides
  • Eco-friendly ornament made from recycled aluminum
  • Printed on both sides (see product images)
  • Packaged in padded envelope up to 5 pieces
  • Production time up to 5 days, usually within 48 hours
  • Product is shipped from a fulfillment center
  • Comes with ribbon, which may be packaged separately
  • Wipe clean with non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild soap


Inspired by the Irish landscape near Clonmacnoise and the ancient stories brought to life there, this painting depicts a mysterious figure that is actually a group of three to the left of the Celtic cross. A massive cloud formation seems to signal the return of an ancient spirit, whose wisdom holds the key to resuscitate and revive those who have felt this life is but a river that has swallowed whole their dreams.

In the bright blue summer skies, a feather floats. This County Offaly scene conveys something of the mix of a faith inspired by the roots of the monastic tradition alongside a strange gathering of other traditions, some tied to the Irish landscape and others from a time out of time.

Connect to your essential story of life with “That You Might Have Life,” inspired by the high cross scene at Clonmacnoise. This is an acrylic painting from the County Offaly series by Dawn Richerson. See more art from the magical, mystical, mythical heart of the Emerald Isle at