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Stairway to Surrender ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament
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Stairway to Surrender ☼ Soul of Ireland Metal Ornament

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  • 4.175x5 inch, printed on both sides
  • Eco-friendly ornament made from recycled aluminum
  • Packaged in padded envelope up to 5 pieces
  • Production time up to 5 days, usually within 48 hours
  • Product is shipped from a fulfillment center
  • Comes with ribbon, which may be packaged separately
  • Wipe clean with non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild soap


Leaning into her life, she felt her soul soar upwards. It was as if she were being stretched and pulled along by a conveyer belt, swept up into a long surrender to meet the truth her heart already knew.

The mystical mountain isle breathed its life into her and, though she walked alone up its steep staircase, she knew there were a thousand angels singing as she made the climb. Leaving all that was no longer needed behind, she was met with an eternal communion.

The bread of life multiplied before her eyes, and the wine that is said to have flowed miraculously for the monks’ daily mass seemed to flow down from the heavens to quench her thirsty soul. The clouds morphed into the shape of a rabbit, calling her back to innocence. Within her there was the rebirth of a desire for life that would lead her on and back into this world where she would make her home again.

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