Reflections on Grace ☼ Soul of Place New Orleans {Photo Print} Photo Print New Dawn Studios

REFLECTIONS ON GRACE ☼ New Orleans, LA {Photo Print}

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  • photo print with 1/2" white border 
  • printed on satin lustre paper
  • matted with contemporary gallery frame, white

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A Soul Story from Dawn 

This is a photo taken from looking across the Mississippi River from Algiers Point toward the French Quarter at sunset. It captures the soul of place and the spirit of New Orleans as I am experiencing it right now. Golden moments like this one make everything feel alright.

On my evening walks here, I find so many gifts in the ordinary moments. This blue globe topped with the fleur-d-lis makes my heart smile every day. I know you're supposed to say "N'awlins" but this connects me to France and how I love to call it New Orléans in honor of Joan of Arc. Why I do not know. Just feels right to me, so I go with it.

This ordinary moment spoke to me of purity and protection, even and perhaps particularly in times when things are fuzzy and uncertain and our direction unclear. We are held in an infinite sphere of grace, ever expanding to meet us in our time of need. 

What is your essential story of life?
What is alive in you?

I'll meet you on the way!  
🧡 Dawn

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Nelly Conant
Love your story

Hi, I love your story. I have two of these, though not as pretty as your picture. Mine have been through a lot through their journey on this earth...The way I was told, they are lightning rods....One of mine the globe is broken....Thank you for sharing your story...!