MEET THE ARTIST: Dawn Richerson

"Each new painting is an invitation to the dance of your life. I hope these soul stories using color, texture and a touch of mystery connect you to your essential story of life and all that is alive in you."

Dawn Richerson—Author, Artist, Journey GuideDAWN RICHERSON is an artist inspired by the soul of place and the beauty, wonder. and mystery of the natural world. She is interested in the land and the memory it holds and the designs for life hidden in plain sight. Dawn's work is an invitation to ask what your soul remembers and to reconnect with the story of life alive in you. 

Artist Bio

Dawn Richerson paints bold acrylic works that explore the soul of place and her dreams of a new world. Dawn’s paintings from the soul for the soul help you connect to your essential story of life so you can come fully to LIFE + Live In Full Expression.

Just before her 50th birthday, Dawn packed a suitcase and moved to Ireland for three years. The stories of life that rose up there inspired her to pick up a paintbrush. Since returning to the US, she has lived an unconventional life, following her deep love for nature, exploration, and creative expression while exploring places near and far.

Nature, everyday miracles and the grace that rises up to meet us on the way inspire Dawn. On long walks in the woods, she often documents what she sees and experiences with photographs and journal entries. Her paintings are both an interpretation of and an invitation to the story of life unfolding around us and within us. 

Artist Statement

I see art as invitation to connect more deeply with your own life and the life around you. The paintings I create connect you to what is alive in you. So often, we move through life disconnected from what matters most. We lose touch with the spark within us. We forget the stories held by the land and sky and fail to connect fully with the soul of the spaces and places we inhabit and experience.

At its heart, my work is about reconnection. I gather inspiration by seeking out a variety of experiences through exploration of places near and far, conversations and reconsiderations around our changing world, and long walks in the woods.

In my work, I often weave writing, photography, and design into my process or explore a subject from multiple directions or through layers of interpretation. Through the use of texture, bold color choices, repetition and movement in my paintings, I seek to convey something of the beauty, wonder and mystery of life. In each phase of my process, I want to celebrate and honor life.

I believe my responsibility as an artist is to remain present to process and release all attachment to what presents. From sketches and photography to decisions about color and brushstroke, and also from my studio time and conversations with collectors and fellow creators, I want to come fully to life and inspire those who encounter my art to do the same.

Themes related to our collective experience and sustainable systems and structures to support flourishing humanity also inform my work. While so much is in flux in our world, I believe we are creating a new society. Our capacity to connect to and share dreams of a new world will support us as we find a whole new way forward together.

4 Pillars of Purpose in My Art & Soul Life 

Lion's Gate Lion Painting Dawn Richerson Art

ART AS INVITATION TO LIFE. My paintings invite you to connect to your essential story of life. By exploring inner and outer landscapes, from the territory of my soul and the soul of place, I as the artist connect to the movement of Spirit through life. I accept the invitation into life and seek to move with it. But the story is only complete when you enter into a sacred conversation with your heart and soul and into the dance of your life as you engage with my paintings, which are variations on the theme of life.

What is the opening to a sacred conversation you see within this painting? What is your soul whispering to you in this moment?


Creativity Takes Courage • Art as Reconnection to Life

ART AS RECONNECTION TO WHAT MATTERS MOST. Those who have purchased artwork tell me my paintings offer a daily reconnection to wholeness and activate recreation. Collectors experience a renewed sense of connection to life and the life more abundant. My greatest joy in life is simply in being on the way and my intention is to convey this in each and every painting. I want to invite YOU to experience the wonder as life rises up to meet you on your way.  

How does each painting and soul story reconnect you to the life within you? How does it help bring you into harmony with what is most true in the life around you?


Spirited Life Horse Painting by Dawn Richerson

ART AS TOUCHING BEAUTY. For most of life, I have been terrified to create, mostly because everything was so beautiful and extraordinary. So many stories lived inside of me. Everything seemed a reconnection to those larger-than-life stories and I just didn't know what to do with them. And then there was how overwhelmed I was by the sheer wonder of life and the breathtaking beauty in the simplest of moments. So often, we move through life disconnected from what matters most. I hope my paintings help connect you to who you are and who you came to be and help you live a soul-inspired life a little more each and every day.

How will you dare to touch beauty today? Can you allow the terror to be a path back to life, to your essential truth and the beauty of who you are?


Stairway to Surrender Soul of Ireland Painting Dawn Richerson Art

ART AS CELEBRATION OF WONDER AND MYSTERY. I am most delighted when those who engage with my paintings allow them to be a touchstone that reconnects them with the wonder and mystery of life. My heart's desire is that my art leads you toward the full reclamation and radiant realization of who you are and who we are together. Each day, look for wonder. Celebrate life and the revelation of a mystery. Notice how life is working in your favor today and every day.

What do you see? What does your soul remember? What new experience of radiant expansion is life inviting you to right now?