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Books from the Soul for the Soul by Dawn

Dawn Richerson is the author of books on soul growth and radiant expansion in life and life’s work. She is inspired by nature, everyday miracles, and the grace that rises up to meet us on the way.

She is founder of the Life Path Online Learning Center, where she leads online journeys to support your full thriving and creator of Lifeseeds, a core curriculum to come to LIFE + Live In Full Expression. A free spirit and creative revolutionary, Dawn named her business Creative Revolutions when she set out on her own in 1997.

Known as an innovator and original thinker in her work and writing, Dawn is passionate about an inside-out approach to life and life’s work. She shares ideas for life through her writing. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her in nature, dreaming about and creating new worlds.

My Work + Agent Representation

Here's a video I made back in 2016 with an overview of my work. The overall theme of all my work is about a life fully lived. Download Content Map to see how books fit together. To date, I have focused on writing and sharing but have never partnered with an agent or publisher. I feel strongly that now is the time to do that.


Book Collections and Series by Dawn

I organize my work as an author into three key categories.

  • Lifeseeds (Series: Cultivating Essence, Seeds for Life, Collective Pathways, Sustainable Systems, Flourishing Humanity): books in this category are general personal growth, self-help and spirituality in terms of genre and provide practical pathways for life thriving, individually and collectively
  • Spiritual Experience / Memoir (Series: Heartland, Healing Streams, Essays from the Edge, Faithscapes, Letters to the Church): books in this category trace personal experiences and often touch on soul growth, what I call soul memories, and themes related to spirituality
  • Art & Soul (Series: Photography, Art, Soul Essence Art): books in this category include own creative offerings or are in the creativity category and often intersect with self-help, healing and personal growth categories

Dawn Richerson Publishing Credits


2020 12 Doors of Abundance: Echoes of Avalon

2020 Sacred Partnership: 7 Pillars for the Radical Redefinition of Relationship

2019 True Identity: The Radical Reclamation of the True Self through 12 Photographs 

2018 Birds of a Feather: 33 Essential Qualities for Thriving Together 

2017 A Reconciliation of Light: Soul of Ireland Photographs 

2015 Seeds for Life: The Lifeseeds Core Curriculum for Living In Full Expression

2015 Energetic Perspectives: A Soul Essence Art {SEA} In-the-Round Coloring Book 

2015 All Systems Go: Fine-Tune Your Life and Reconnect to What Matters Most

2014 Journey to the Heartland: A Spiritual Memoir on Life and the Desire for It 

2012 Awakening the World Within: Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul (Book 1/3)

1999 Journey to Sacred Wholeness: A Testimony of Healing and Faith 

1999 From the Heart of a Child: Meditations for Everyday Living (published New Hope Publishers, rights reassigned)

1996 To Sin by Silence: 7 Conspiracies and 7 Questions

New Work / Proposals Available 

  • LIFESEEDS SERIES Cultivating Essence from the Matrix of Soul, Awakening the World Within, Finding Our Forward Flow, Embracing a New Vision, Seeds for Life, LIFE: The Big Picture Book, The Lifeseeds Core Connection Kit and more
  • SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS SERIES 24-Book Sustainable Systems Series
  • HEARTLAND SERIES / SPIRITUAL MEMOIR Light in the Forest, Forty Shades of Green
  • ESSAYS Edgewalker: Essays from the Edge
  • How to Call Out and Access Your Spiritual Council
  • FLOURISHING HUMANITY Holy Terror: Soul Restoration, the Inner Terrorist, the Healing of Humanity (9/11 experience)
  • Word Play (Gift/Inspirational)


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