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ESSENTIAL JOURNEY INTUITIVE READING. Hopeful for the Future and Gifts from the Universe! Thank you for my Essential Journey Discovery Session. I am in the middle of a lifestyle change—completely changing my diet, getting rid of clutter and making space for life. Since my Essential Journey card reading I have gotten gifts from the universe. I got an answer to an important question. I happened to be in the right place at the right time for other things. Life in general has eased up. I feel hopeful for the future. Thank you! ☼ A.

ESSENTIAL JOURNEY INTUITIVE READING. Information of High Value If Applied... The Essential Journey Reading / Mini Intuitive Share was great and much appreciated—a slight surprise too!! I just looked at the reading again, which was so helpful in terms of where I am now. The original feedback prompted even more questions! This information is of such high value if applied. Thank you, it was an interesting and exciting way to start the program and boosted my motivation! ☼ B.

SOUL SHOWER BLESSINGS. The Soul Shower Blessing experience was truly one of a kind! Having no idea what to expect, I found myself pleasantly surprised by what unfolded. It was as if I was having a loving conversation with a deeper part of myself. I found Dawn's Soul Shower Blessings quite sacred. I celebrate your gifts and am most grateful for your sharing them. I'm very happy that I chose to experience something so profound! ☼ K.

SOUL SHOWER BLESSINGS. A deep and sacred gift... This was such a deep and sacred gift. Thank you! ☼ N.

SOUL SHOWER BLESSINGS. Astonishingly accurate with incredible depth and detail. When I listened to the Soul Shower Blessing you recorded for me, I immediately felt a sense of comfort, confirmation and completion of a very long journey! Thank you so much for the incredible depth and detail you went into when sharing what you saw, felt and experienced. All of the imagery made complete sense to me. Your intuitive gifts are truly amazing! I found your intuitive gifts and guidance to be astonishingly accurate and quite confirming. ☼ S.

SOUL SHOWER BLESSINGS. A deeper harmony with my heart and soul. I found myself really sinking into a deeper harmony with my heart and soul almost without thinking about what was happening. I was taken somewhere really beautiful. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you so much! ☼ D.

SOUL SHOWER BLESSINGS. An initiation of sorts... A deeply peaceful and penetrating conversation with my soul. I could feel the intensity and clarity as evidenced in my bodily sensations and reactions. It felt like an initiation of sorts and it felt relevant to my presence here! I will treasure and listen to this recording! ☼ K.